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Who Wins In Godzilla vs Kong? Final Battle Explained

Ishiro Honda, the fictional Kaiju series’ creator, was a true visionary. In 1954, before computers and VFX, he created special effects for the big screen that required a guy with imagination. It’s not an exaggeration to assert that the franchise actually backed down on his dream. But does Godzilla 2021 vs. King Kong share the same vision? Who Wins In King Kong vs Godzilla 2021?

While we leaned largely on Ishiro Honda’s Kaiju characters, the question of “what is ‘your’ vision in it?” has continuously risen. Is there anything fresh in Godzilla vs Kong ending 2021? Let’s find it out together.

‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ Synopsis


The events of the movie take place five years following King Ghidorah, a three-headed kaiju monster’s defeat by Godzilla. Kong is kept inside an artificial habitat on Skull Island. Ilene Andrews is in charge of the building. (Rebecca Hall’s character, Jia, the last Iwi native, communicates with Kong using sign language because she is deaf. It is nothing short of a marvel that only Jia is capable of controlling Kong’s rage.

Godzilla, on the other hand, strikes Apex Cybernetics for unknown motives. The facility has been totally destroyed, leading Apex CEO Walter Simmons to plot vengeance. He employs geologist Dr. Nathan Lind, played by Alexander Skarsgard, to extract a power source known as “life force” from the Hollow Earth.

Walter is developing a new weapon to combat Godzilla, and he intends to use the life force to fuel it. (Lifeforce is the source of power for the Titans as well).

Walter supplies aerial ships to combat the Gravitational Inversion of the Hollow Earth, but the route is a maze in and of itself. Nathan is unable to find the source of life on his own, so he enlists the assistance of Ilene Andrews, who offers to let Kong lead them through the Hollow Earth through an opening in the Antarctic.

While Nathan, Ilene, and Kong continue on their way to Antarctica, a Titan conspiracy theorist, Bernie Hayes, played by Brian Tyree Henry, who works for the Apex, discovers Apex secrets with the assistance of a couple of teenagers, Madison played by Millie Bobby Brown and Josh.

The trio also discovers why Gozilla unexpectedly appeared and destroyed the Apex facility.

Why Does Godzilla Destroy The Apex Facility?

In Bernie, Madison, and Josh discover that Apex has created the ultimate Mechagodzilla or robot-Godzilla that is controlled telepathically via neural networks from Ghidorah’s severed skull. However, in order to fuel his deadly weapon, Walter requires a “life source,” which is why he is traveling to the Hollow Earth.

Madison claims that “Godzilla saved humans and that there must be a pattern to his destruction.” Ghidorah’s energy signature triggered Godzilla. It reawakened Godzilla’s long-dormant hatred for Ghidorah, which is why he only struck the Apex facility, the place Ghidorah was uplinked. Godzilla appears whenever the Apex attempts to trigger Mechagodzilla.

Explanation Of ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ Ending


Who wins in Godzilla vs Kong 2021? Mechagodzilla is a broken firearm. It required a “life source” to operate, as did Ghidorah’s head. However, once the life source is introduced into the robot, it begins to move on its own and rapidly engages Godzilla in battle. He had been anticipating a fight.

Mechagodzilla is connected to the Apex satellite and has the ability to disable it. The link, however, is encrypted, and Bernie, Josh, and Madison were unable to decode it.

In a massive battle, Kong and Godzilla team up to attempt to destroy Mechagodzilla, but it is unstoppable due to its sophisticated laser and superior build. Josh pours Bernie’s single malt whiskey into the control center, which breaks the system and temporarily wears out Mechagodzilla. Kong and Godzilla take advantage of the situation.

Godzilla charges Kong’s weapon ax with its residual powers with a shot of ‘life force.’ Kong strikes and rips apart the tech monster, saving the planet.

Why Didn’t Godzilla Attack Kong In The End?

In Godzilla vs Monkey, Godzilla represents a Titan who enjoys playing God and considers himself the most powerful being. Whoever challenges his power will meet his wrath. That’s what occurred with King Ghidorah.

Who won in Godzilla vs Kong new movie? Does Kong die? Godzilla attacks the crew and fights Kong in the midst of the film while they are traveling to Antarctica. Sedated Kong is no match for Godzilla’s power. At this point, Nathan recommends killing the ship’s engine and shutting everything down. To pretend to be deceased.

“We Are Playing Dead. And We’re Making Him Think That He’s Won.”

The trick feeds Godzilla’s ego while leaving the armada and Kong alone. After destroying Mechagodzilla, Godzilla and King Kong square off against each other. However, when Kong peers at his ax, he realizes that enough damage has been done to life and nature.

He threw down his ax and submitted. Godzilla feels victorious and returns to the depths of the ocean to slumber once more.

“In The Fight Of God And King, The King Surrenders For The Greater Good Of Humanity.”


The Godzilla franchise delivers thrilling action scenes, massive rumbling, and devastation. Godzilla vs KingKong has it all. The visuals of the sequences improve with each picture in the franchise. The battle between Godzilla and Kong is exciting. The film is aesthetically stunning. The visual allure will not let you down.

However, we believe it is your duty as a storyteller to amplify the narrative through VFX and not allow it to run wild and attempt to shadow it. The opposite is true in Godzilla vs. Kong. The storytelling becomes increasingly dreadful, with no element emotionally appealing to you. The shaky Vfx can dazzle your sight, but what about your inquisitive mind? Will it always be fed uninteresting and cliche concepts that have been done to death on screen?

As one director put it, the whole thing felt like an amusement park. Godzilla vs. Kong is a cinematic and storytelling masterpiece—art with no emotional effect.

Adam Wingard’s Godzilla vs. Kong is a 2021 Kaiju monster thriller. It is the fourth installment in Godzilla’s MonsterVerse. Godzilla vs. Kong is currently available on HBO Max.

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