Samsung Teases the New Pro-Grade Cameras on the Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Teases the New Pro-Grade Cameras on the Galaxy S23 Ultra

With the Samsung Galaxy S23 launch only a few weeks away, the company is still shying away from revealing too much. There has been very little officially announced about the phones, so customers are going off of the leaks to determine the specs and design of the phone. To get people excited about the new flagship phones, the head of the Samsung Mobile Experience business has revealed a teaser for the upcoming devices.

In a blog post, TM Roh focused specifically on Samsung’s Ultra lineup of phones and tablets. These are often shown to be the company’s best, which has held true for all past Ultra releases, from the Galaxy S20 Ultra to the latest S22 Ultra. Roh stated that since the S20 series was released in 2020, the company had merged the Note and Ultra to bring an extremely powerful phone. This phone has the performance and creative capabilities of two leading Samsung models in one. 

In this regard, the Samsung S Ultra has genuinely become a pinnacle of Samsung’s innovations and stands out among all other devices. He also states in his post that they will soon show the public how capable the Ultra actually is. Roh continued by teasing the capabilities of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Roh also stated that the upcoming phone would focus on sustainability, cameras, and performance.

In order to better the cameras, the company has reportedly forced heavily on the camera experience. In particular, the night-time performance of the camera has been improved hugely. This blog post comes right after Samsung unveiled the ISOCELL HP2 sensor. 

This is a 200MP camera sensor that is capable of capturing full-resolution images with 0.6 μm pixels. It can also capture 50MP photos with a combined 1.2 μm pixels or 12.5MP images with 2.4 μm pixels. The sensor will also be capable of capturing 8K 30fps video. There will also be other enhancements like improved color reproduction, focus, and more. 

Additionally, Roh also mentioned Samsung’s sustainability, including its self-repair program and an impressive update promise. According to Samsung, devices will receive up to four OS upgrades and five years of security patches. 

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