Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Leaked Renders Reveal Minimal Design Changes

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the announcement of Samsung’s brand new flagship lineup, but before they could make the announcement and reveal the features of the phone, information was leaked online. 

The leaks for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra were posted on Smartprix, which reveal that the device looks almost identical to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The renders also show that the phone has a large display with a flat top and bottom frame. There is also a slot for the S Pen. These leaks also reveal that the new device will be slightly wider than the S22 Ultra. 

However, the device is not entirely identical. There are a few changes on the rear of the phone, and the camera setup is nearly identical. However, the two smaller camera sensors that were previously protruded out are not flush against the device chassis. 

The larger sensors still protrude as they did in the S22 Ultra. It is unlikely that Samsung will change much about the protruding sensors, meaning they will still be as prone to catching dust as before. 

Other changes include the metal frame featured on the sides, which is noticeably less round and has flattened sides. This updated shape gives the volume rocker and power button more room. Furthermore, due to this change, the display may curve less than it did in previous models. 

Other than these few small changes, the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra looks nearly identical to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Based on other leaks, Samsung may be trying to give their flagship phones a more cohesive design language. The flatter sides on these renders are much like the ones on the Samsung S22 and S22 +, which means that Samsung may be trying to make the Ultra look as similar as possible to their flagship lineup.

Although the specs have not been confirmed, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will likely use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. There have been other rumors suggesting that Samsung may increase the resolution of the primary camera to 200MP.

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