Samsung Galaxy S23 - What Improvements Is Samsung Making for Its New Flagship?

Samsung Galaxy S23 – What Improvements Is Samsung Making for Its New Flagship?

New leaks reveal that. Samsung is looking to up their specs for the latest Samsung Galaxy S23, which may include better video recording. According to the leaker, Ice Universe, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will be capable of recording videos at 8K at 30 frames per second. This is a slight improvement over its predecessor, the Galaxy S22 series, which was capable of recording 8K video at 24fps. Although this change is not monumental, it will help provide users with a much smoother shooting experience. It would be especially beneficial for those who use their phones for content creation and movie-making. 

A higher frame rate option will also allow the galaxy S23 to reduce the choppiness and stuttering that is commonplace when a video is filmed at 24fps. However, many argue that this slight increase in frame rate may be another gimmick from Samsung in an effort to sell their phones. Customers were already impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which had imaging capabilities and could record 8K videos in 24fps. However, with the improvement, the videos captured with the Samsung S23 will look much better and smoother. 

The latest rumor makes the new series look much more promising. According to previous rumors, the phone was expected to look similar to its predecessors, which reduced its appeal. Still, with a rumored 200MP primary shooter, the camera abilities of this phone look extremely promising. The updated cameras and improved video recording abilities also make this phone look much more appealing and worth the upgrade.

With the potential increase in video recording capabilities, customers have concerns about the internal storage capacity of the new phones. 8K video takes up a lot of space, and to successfully film videos in 8K, having a high internal storage capacity is necessary. Due to this, many suspect that the new Galaxy S23 series will potentially have high internal storage. This will allow the users to easily store 8K videos and all their apps at the same time.

However, these rumors have yet to be proven, and it will be a while before Samsung officially releases the specs of the phones.

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