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Fans May Need To Wait Longer Than Expected for Marvel’s Blade Game

Rumour has it that a major delay in the release of Marvel’s Blade is possible. Fans have been speculating about different features of the game ever since it was revealed that Arkane Studios is working on its development. While specifics are still scant, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the game’s development, mostly because of Arkane’s excellent history with the Dishonoured series.

Due to the underwhelming trailer and material, there was some uncertainty surrounding Arkane Studios’ original announcement at The Game Awards 2023. Given Arkane’s affiliation with Xbox, some news outlets suggested that Marvel’s Blade might only be available on Microsoft’s platforms. The absence of thorough details has raised concerns about important information like the intended release date, supported platforms, and other pertinent factors.

Marvel’s Blade is reportedly scheduled for release in 2027, according to a recent rumor. In a podcast episode of Xbox Era, Jeff Grubb disclosed this knowledge. Grubb claims that Blade may have a goal release date of at least three years in the future due to Disney and Marvel. The podcast discussed the potential for the game to be the launch title for the next generation of Xbox consoles, though it’s important to treat this rumor with caution.

In light of Blade’s potential to be a next-generation Xbox exclusive, the Xbox Era Podcast team talked about whether such a development cycle is feasible. The game was rumored to be coming to the Xbox Series X/S, even though the original expectation was that it would only be available on the new hardware.

The idea that Marvel’s Blade and Marvel’s Wolverine would usher in a new era for Marvel video games is what has fans excited about these titles. These future games are expected to build on the popularity of the Marvel’s Spider-Man series, which was made successful by the aforementioned game. High hopes are being raised for Marvel’s next video game offerings.

The fact that Xbox fans were not able to play Marvel’s Spider-Man since it was a Sony-exclusive game also heightened the excitement.

Marvel’s Blade keeps building anticipation with verified information. Although 2027 is the scheduled release year, it might happen sooner. Given the volume of stuff Arkane needs to produce, a release in late 2027 or later wouldn’t be shocking. More details are much anticipated by fans, especially as rumors indicate the game has been in production for longer than the previous video suggested. 

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