No More Heroes 3 - Director Gives Details into the Backstory of the Game

No More Heroes 3 – Director Gives Details into the Backstory of the Game

The story behind Travis Touchdown’s unkempt appearance in the game’s beginning was recently revealed by the director of No More Heroes 3. The game, which will be available for the Nintendo Switch in 2021, follows Travis as he competes to be the greatest superhero in the galaxy, taking on superpowered human and alien assassins to stop Prince FU and save the planet.

The story of the game is rather simple, although there are a few loose ends and unfinished business. One such detail is Travis Touchdown’s appearance, which differs from his typical clothes and has a neck brace in both the final release and the 2019 reveal video. Although the way he changed into a more recognizable shape by putting on the armor was explained, this particular detail was not addressed, thus players were forced to accept it in the context of the game’s other strange events.

The director of No More Heroes 3, Suda51, gave the full backstory for Travis’s unique appearance in the beginning in a recent interview with Destructoid. Before the game started, Suda claimed that Travis’s die-hard superfan, Kimmy Howell, had been stalking and attacking him. After their first encounter, Travis had spared Kimmy Howell, an optional boss in No More Heroes 2 who had an eerie and compulsive crush on him, telling her to strengthen herself before facing him again. But in the time between NMH2 and 3, Kimmy surprised Travis with an ambush. Travis needed some time to recuperate in the No More Heroes motel even though he made it out alive.

Suda noted that this is the first time the press has inquired about it. That was Suda’s answer to Mountain at that moment: “I don’t remember.” This revelation, though it is a small detail in the grand scheme of things, adds further background to Travis’s state at the start of No Further Heroes 3.

The background information provided further expands the meaning of Kimmy Howell’s boss battle in No More Heroes 3. She takes on the stage name Kimmy Love and promises in a live broadcast to murder her hero. This background story demonstrates Kimmy’s remarkable journey from a high school student with an intense crush to a crazy pop star idol who is obsessed with the thought of murdering her idol.

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