Bethesda Reportedly Remastering Two of its Classic Works

Bethesda Reportedly Remastering Two of its Classic Works

Records indicate that only a few years ago, Bethesda may have been working on remastering Fallout 3 and Oblivion. Despite the Federal Trade Commission’s fruitless attempts to stop Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, intriguing data has come to light from a number of badly redacted case records. These records provided insight into a number of key players in the gambling sector.

There were rumors that Nintendo would secretly unveil the Switch 2 at Gamescom 2023. The existence of this console appears to be confirmed by a leaked email from mid-September. Activision executives were exchanging emails as they got ready to see Shuntaro Furukawa, the president of Nintendo. The paper, which is dated late in 2022, contains a note from one of the executives on how powerful the Nintendo Switch 2 would be, saying that it would perform similarly to consoles from the 8th generation.

A release timeline for upcoming Bethesda projects has also been revealed in further court records from the FTC vs. Microsoft legal dispute. This graph was made for a presentation in July 2020 concerning Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda and ZeniMax Media, which wasn’t completed until March 2021. The list contains a number of intriguing games, such as Starfield DLC, which was presumably already in the works, and DOOM Year Zero and its DLC. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Fallout 3 remastered, which are scheduled for release in fiscal years 2022 and 2024, respectively, will, nonetheless, stand out for many people.

Since there wasn’t an Oblivion remaster in 2022, it seems unlikely that a Fallout 3 remaster would be released in 2024. This doubt is made worse by Bethesda’s focus on The Elder Scrolls 6 after Starfield’s release. Leaks from the FTC case have also suggested that TES6 may not debut until 2026 or even later It’s important to keep in mind, though, that Bethesda has previously split up its production teams to work on several projects at once, as evidenced by the Special Edition, Anniversary Edition, and VR remakes of the remastered Skyrim.

Furthermore, the release plan for 2020 might not accurately reflect how these projects are doing right now. During the game development process, release dates and even the state of the project can fluctuate substantially. However, the suggestion of a Ghostwire: Tokyo sequel and a third Dishonoured game is likely to delight fans of those series. 

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