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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Cozy Edition: Not Everything Fans Were Hoping For

Disney Dreamlight Valley, which was released in 2022, allows players to create distinctive avatars and residences while exploring an alluring open environment and making friends with Disney characters. Using the tools for customization in the game, its vibrant community routinely exchanges outfit and house ideas. The Gameloft game is currently available digitally in the Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate editions, giving players instant access to premium cosmetic rewards.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has announced the Cozy Edition, a physical version of the game that will be available later this year when it is finally released in its entirety. For a number of platforms, including the Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, pre-orders are now available. It’s important to note, though, that Gameloft has said in its FAQs that the Switch version of Disney Dreamlight Valley will not have a real cartridge, but rather a download code within a physical box. The packaging for the other consoles will contain real discs, in contrast.

The lack of a cartridge for the game follows earlier examples like the Overwatch port. As shown in the comments on social media, this choice has disappointed some potential players. Despite this format, the Cozy Edition provides a variety of enticing material in addition to the main game, such as unique stickers, an avatar Cheshire Cat Sweater, and different animal companion skins. 

In order to improve their experience, gamers will also earn 14,500 Moonstones, an in-game currency. By using the given Switch download code or inserting the disc onto their consoles, those who already own the standard game can still enjoy the Cosy Edition’s special items.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has faced criticism for its microtransactions, with players expressing concerns about their fairness and potential predatory nature. It remains to be seen whether players of Disney Dreamlight Valley will voice similar concerns about the download code approach in the Cozy Edition for the Switch. Nonetheless, players do have the flexibility to choose between the current digital versions or explore the alternative editions of Disney Dreamlight Valley that are presently accessible.

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