Oxenfree 2 Has Been Delayed

Oxenfree 2 Has Been Delayed to Next Year

Night School Studio has delayed its upcoming sequel to the popular Oxenfree, called Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals. The sequel was initially announced to be released in fall 2021. However, Night School Studios announced they would delay the release until 2022. Unfortunately, fans of this horror game will have to wait a bit more because the game is now set to release in 2023 instead. 

Night School took it to Twitter to share the news and stated that the fan’s dedication, fan art, and excited comments fueled their ambition to make Oxenfree 2 the best game ever. They indicated that they wanted to make the sequel even more special and add localizations, due to which the release window will have to be pushed back to 2023.

The delay is definitely a disappointment for fans who have been waiting for a sequel since the release of the original Oxenfree. This game made it onto several lists of best horror games because of its exciting storyline, eerie atmosphere, and twist on the stranded teenager’s subgenre. Furthermore, players also enjoyed the realistic dialogues, which were natural and flowed seamlessly together. 

Oxenfree was an extremely clever game that immersed the players fully. If you didn’t respond within time, the characters would even react to your silence. They also had excellent writing and voice acting, making the game one of the best virtual games to mimic human conversations. This feature is highlighted further because the exchange of dialogue is non-stop.

The new game, Oxenfree 2: Lost Star, will feature a new protagonist who returns to her hometown, Camena, a coastal community, only to find it besieged by an unnatural electromagnetic phenomenon. 

Thus, much like the original game, the player must make choices based on in-depth dialogue. There will also be a new mechanic that will allow you to use a walkie-talkie to initiate a conversation on your own time.

Even though Night School’s innovative debut was such a success, their next game, a comedy game called Afterparty, did not make as much noise. Netflix purchased the indie studio in 2021, and a mobile version of Oxenfree was released, proving how popular the game is and how much fans are waiting for the sequel.

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