iTop VPN Review - 4 Reasons Why You Will Love iTop VPN

iTop VPN Review

An iTop VPN ensures security and privacy while surfing the web. It can create a highly encrypted connection between you & its server, which prevents hackers from seeing what you’re doing online. iTop VPN is a completely free VPN service with a reasonable paid plan and the best exceptional features. It’s super fast, smooth, secure, and offers maximum support.

An extra long and extensive list of exciting functions of iTop VPN includes browser history cleaning, split tunneling, tracker, blocking, and more. Its Reignforce tools check out the privacy settings of the device thoroughly and warn you if any error or problem occurs.

Above all, its DNS Protection Features is the most amazing one among all other functions as it claims to protect all the DNS settings from any kind of modification. Plus, you can set the DNS to any particular public DNS provider by selecting them from Comodo, Google, Verizon, OpenDNS, or more.

Read on to explore the iTop VPN review to get a clear-cut idea about the things quickly.

Read on to explore the iTop VPN review to get a clear-cut idea about the things quickly;

iTop VPN: What Makes It Stands Out

1. Speed

Usually, using the VPN slows down your connection. That is actually the cost of efficiently encrypting data & eventually sending it over to the server. It can consume a bit more time in loading web pages and sharing media. iTop tests the speed from Europe on the bases of a 90 – 100 Mbps connection. 

Also, the speed of iTop VPN is faster than most competitors and ensures smooth running. At a time, we had around 92mbps download & 95 uploads to check out how things work. After checking out all the factors, we concluded that it’s fast enough to handle heavy online activities like gaming quickly and smoothly.


2. Price

The pricing factor is something really important when it comes to looking for any VPN option in the market. iTop provides a 700 MB free data plan everyday, and users can enjoy the free VPN to surf the Internet in a high speed. And compared to the high-pricing tools, iTop VPN for PC offers super exceptional features at a highly reasonable cost. You just need to pay a few dollars with great discounts, which is far less than others. Still, it succeeds in maintaining quality performance and supports a 100% money-back guarantee.

 iTop generally supports payments via bank transfers, PayPal, and cards. It is good to check out that you can easily turn off auto-renewal while purchasing their service to ensure that you will not pay accidentally for a second term. 


3. Privacy

Mostly, VPNs protect privacy by using secure VPN protocols like OpenVPN and WireGuar. But unfortunately, this does not guarantee that you will be safe, as a provider can make a huge mistake in how they all are set up. As they are an open source, anyone can see how the work is done there.

But guess what? iTop is a safe VPN that wonderfully utilizes the best custom scheme of absolutely its own. Yes, the Windows app of iTop appears to make a highly quick proxy connection to the main VPN server and uses a package known as WinDivert for directing the traffic perfectly through the tunnel, which encrypts it with the protocol of iTop.


4. Features of iTop VPN

iTop VPN has its own features and perks that make everyone love it. Some outstanding features are listed below:

  • Killswitch

iTop free VPN highly supports the killswitch feature to stop maximum internet traffic if your VPN accidentally drops out. But the Windows app sometimes shows flaws. It can crash if the app is used consistently. For example, if the VPN connection has somehow dropped, this killswitch feature won’t work ideally anymore. But this doesn’t happen frequently. Besides that, this reduces the risks of unknown or dangerous traffic to a great extent.

  • Invisible to devices

When enabled, your device will be hidden from other gadgets on the same network. This means that you won’t be able to connect with other gadgets on the same network, such as speakers, printers, Chromecasts, smart TVs, and so on. On the other hand, this function will be useful in shared Wi-Fi environments as well, when you do not need to share your connection with other devices.

  • Auto-connect

With this time-saving addition, you won’t even have to launch the iTop app or press a button to establish a connection with iTop’s servers. If you choose Auto-connect, the device will probably connect to the VPN automatically whenever it detects a network connection (Available on iOS, Windows, Android, and macOS).


iTop VPN Pros and Cons

iTop VPN Pros and Cons

iTop has lots of incredible benefits. Some possible drawbacks are also there. Here, we’ll discuss both of them:


  • Extra privacy and safety features
  • It can be used on multiple devices
  • Low pricing than the competitors
  • Unblocked Disney Plus, BBS iPlayer
  • The impressive free plan (unlimited)
  • Works smoothly with Netflix


  • Utilizes non-standard and undocumented protocols.’
  • The kill switch feature sometimes fails to function properly
  • Does not work in some regions
  • The website allows HTTP access for page login

Final Verdict

All in all, the iTop VPN contains a bundle of powerful and top-notch extras. However, it misses a few fundamentals of VPN. There’s limited unblocking and a flawed kill switch. But still, it contains some exceptional features that cover up all the negative aspects and makes it the best deal to grab this season! If you really want to try something new and better with high-end performance, then this one is worth considering anyway.

Hope this review will be super enlightening for you, guys!

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