Vivo and Nokia Patent Dispute – Will Vivo Stop Selling in Germany

Tensions have been high between Nokia and Vivo as the two grabble in dispute regarding patents. The decision taken by the District Court of Mannheim resulted in Vivo refusing to participate further in the battle and has announced that they are willing to suspend all operations (marketing and sales) if necessary of their products in Germany. This news came through a press release following Vivo and Nokia’s talks to renew their mutual license. However, the two companies failed to come to an agreement. 

Vivo believes that Nokia is not upholding its part of the deal, which was to offer a license on FRAND, which stands for fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms. Despite Nokia’s unwillingness, Vivo is not ready to step down without a fight. Vivo detailed its next step: to appeal the District Court’s decision and review other options. The company also hopes to reach an agreement with Nokia and solve the issue outside court in accordance with the FRAND terms. 

Vivo assures German customers that it does not plan on changing any part of its commitment to the country. It will continue to ensure its presence in the country, and its customers can rely on them to continue its services. This statement shows Vivo’s confidence in this issue being resolved in its favor. 

This is not the first time a company has come into a patent dispute with Nokia. Last year, in August, OnePlus and OPPO were in disagreement with the company and had to wrangle a halt in sales in Germany because of their lawsuit against Nokia over the two Chinese OEMs using 5G technology. Due to challenges, both companies were rumored to be pulling out of the EU altogether. However, this claim was swiftly denied. 

Vivo is at a disadvantage because they recently launched their X90 Pro globally in February, and sales for the phone might be impacted if the issue persists. The brand may also be required to cease all sales until the case concludes. The company is also gearing up to release its Vivo X Flip and Vivo X Fold 2 on April 20th in China, which may not come to Germany in the latter months if the issue persists. 

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