The Google Pixel 8 Details Hint at a Smaller Display

The Google Pixel 8 Details Hint at a Smaller Display

The Google I/O is expected to happen within a month, and many customers expect the Pixel 8 series to make a brief appearance. If last year’s timeline is to be followed, Google will release the Pixel 8 later this year and hint at the upcoming features in the Google I/O event. However, there are still a couple of months until the phone’s official drop, and specs could change until then. 

Despite the unconfirmed specs and design, recently released details about the phone suggest that the display sizes have been finalized ahead of the big reveal and will go into production soon. Early rumors about the flagship hinted at a smaller panel for the base model. The Pixel 7 currently measures at 6.3-inches, but Google is reportedly considering a smaller 5.8-inch screen phone. However, these leaks were corrected later on by OnLeaks, who suggested that the actual display size would be closer to 6.2 inches. 

The CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), Ross Young, recently corroborated these leaks. In a tweet, he notes that the display for the base Pixel 8 will measure around 6.16 inches, while the larger Pixel 8 Pro will stick with the 6.7-inch display size that is also present on the Pixel 7 Pro. At 6.16 inches, the Pixel 8 will be noticeably smaller than its predecessors. Still, it will be more in line with other smaller Android phones, such as the Galaxy S23. The smaller size could be an excellent decision for the Pixel phones as it would allow for a higher pixel density. 

The phone is expected to have the same 90Hz refresh rate as its predecessors, and the Pro model will likely get a 120Hz refresh rate. However, since the Pixel 7a is expected to get an upgraded 90 Hz display, Google may also boost the base model refresh rate to create a distinction between the two phones. The renders for the Pixel 8 also reveal that the phones will have relatively flat displays, breaking the tradition of Pro models having a curved display. 

Google is set to launch the Pixel 8 series later this year, but it is possible that the customers might get a sneak peek at the Google I/O event set to take place on May 10th. 

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