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Tales of Seikyu: A New and Different Farming Simulation Game

With aspects reminiscent of anime, Tales of Seikyu is a farming simulation game from ACE Entertainment that lets users transform into different “yokai.” The newest game from ACE Entertainment seeks to give the farming simulation genre a mythology-inspired twist.

Despite the fact that farming sim games were first made popular by series like Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley has become a huge hit in the genre. The 2016 farming sim was developed by lone developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone and has been received positively by the community, leading to a rise in the popularity of similar games. Particularly independent developers have embraced the genre, as evidenced by hits like Coral Island and Roots of Pacha. The goal of Tales of Seikyu is to add something exciting to the farming simulator niche by bringing a world full of yokai to it.

The key aspect of Tales of Seikyu, as highlighted in the preview, is the capacity to transform into other animals while on the farming expedition. For labor-intensive activities, players can transform into creatures like warthogs, or for airborne jobs, they can become crow spirits. The introductory trailer highlights relationships, food, and a complex fighting system to give players a look at what to expect. Tales of Seikyu launched a Kickstarter campaign that will begin on January 12 in order to raise additional funds.

Tales of Seikyu is heavily influenced by Japanese mythology, and as such, several yokai spirits play important parts in the story’s universe. Within the Seikyu in-game world, players come across personified seal people, “tengu” crow spirits, talking cranes, and more. Players have the freedom to build a variety of structures on their farms. This includes fields, barns, sheds, and more. A fighting system similar to contemporary action RPGs gives Tales of Seikyu a dynamic twist by allowing players to take on powerful demons during their farming trips.

A promising addition to the wide field of modern farming simulation games is Tales of Seikyu. Many contemporary agricultural sims, including Roots of Pacha with its ancient background, have carved out distinct niches for themselves in an attempt to stand out. It has become common practice to include exotic locales, which infuse farming simulations—which are generally serene—with a feeling of magic and mystery. With its unique and engaging experience, Tales of Seikyu adds a touch of magic to the growing farming genre.

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