Halo Franchise Prepared to Make 2024 Its Best Year Yet

The Halo franchise is in a strange place right now. Halo used to be a notable game in Xbox’s first-party catalog, but its popularity has declined. Even though 343 Industries has handled the Halo license well, there have been several serious errors in the past few years, Halo Infinite being one of them. Though the Halo franchise is somewhat lessened, especially after the initial praise for multiplayer in Halo Infinite, there is still regret with 343’s handling of the live-service model.

In contrast to the franchise’s initial status, 2023 has turned out to be a successful year. Halo Infinite is steadily becoming the game that players had imagined it would be, with campaign co-op, Forge, and Firefight. This discovery suggests that 343 Industries may have exciting plans for the Halo franchise going into the new year.

While there isn’t an official roadmap for Halo Infinite in 2024, 343 Industries has been open about what it plans to do, especially concerning continuing to support the multiplayer component. A more steady stream of updates than in prior years is what fans can expect from Halo Infinite, with regular releases expected throughout the year.

The third annual Winter Contingency in-game event, which takes place on January 30, is set to mark the conclusion of Halo Infinite’s current Season, Reckoning. Fans should probably expect new maps, modes, armor cosmetics, weapons, and maybe even vehicles during 2024 when the second season develops.

Released in March 2022, the first season of Paramount+’s Halo series caused controversy since it occasionally ignored and changed the existing history of the Halo universe to fit its story. Even though devoted fans of Halo were not happy, the show attracted a sizable audience and was quickly given the go-ahead for a second season.

The Halo television series on Paramount+ had its advantages, despite the mixed reviews. Halo has the ability to make a comeback and win over fans with better writing and a return to the series’ history. Season 2 of the Halo television series is scheduled to debut with two episodes on February 8, 2024, so fans won’t have to wait much longer for another taste. 

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