Google Pixel 8 Pro Is This the End of Curved Screens

Google Pixel 8 Pro: Is This the End of Curved Screens?

Curved screens have been around for ages and have infiltrated the Android phone market, with almost every android company choosing to have curved displays. Top companies like Samsung and Google have also jumped on this trend. Still, it seems like the age of curved screens is now ending because several OEMs are shifting their focus back to flat screens. 

Although Samsung’s shift may be more gradual, Google may take a giant leap with their upcoming Google Pixel 8 and opt for a flat display instead of a curved one. The first hint of this change came from the leaked Pixel 8 Pro renders, which showed a flat screen on the alleged phone. Users have undoubtedly agreed upon the aesthetic look of curved screens, but from various website polls, it has become evident that curved display has downsides. 

One of the most significant downsides of curved screens is the accidental touches that occur if you don’t have a phone case on your phone. Additionally, it also makes the phone more vulnerable. Unfortunately, many of the best Android phones have curved displays, such as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the LG Wing. Another downside of the curved screen on a Galaxy phone is that it becomes annoying when using gesture navigation of the built-in S-pen as it slides on the curved edge. 

The biggest concern people have regarding curved screens is how it decreases the phone’s durability, as tempered glass screen protectors are a nightmare to put on. Bubbles are common, which reduce the aesthetics of the phone. Additionally, glare from overhead lighting is another issue many users face. Some companies tried to address this issue by choosing a more subdued curve, as seen on the Pixel 7 Pro, which worked well for most users.

One argument made in favor of curved screens is that they give off a more premium look, which is why Samsung is so reluctant to give them up. However, the company has started to inch back toward a flat display on its Ultra lineup of flagship phones over the years. The curve is still present, but it is much flatter, giving customers the best of both worlds. It is likely that Samsung will slowly reduce the curve over the years till the display is flat. 

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