Discord Server Names Ideas (2023)

Millions of users use Discord to discuss a variety of subjects, basically anything you can think of. You can text, audio, and video call other users using the free chat platform Discord. Gamers are particularly fond of the service mainly due to its versatility. It lets users further personalize the experience by muting other users and formatting the text according to their tastes.

Be extra careful while selecting your Discord server name. Always use a relevant title; for instance, if your group is focused on video games, movies, or tabletop games, select the server name that best suits your server’s purpose. We’ve gathered over 420 Discord server names in this guide to help you choose the very best Discord server name without any hassle.

420+ Best Discord Server Name Ideas

Following are the top 420+ Discord Good, Cute, Funny, Creative, and Gaming server name ideas to help you attract more users to your good discord server names:

Good Discord Server Name Ideas

  1. A.I. People
  2. Motion Seekers
  3. Adolescents
  4. Advocates of Reality
  5. Purpose Help Society
  6. American Keyboard Mouse Lovers
  7. Annihilators
  8. AOE Titans
  9. Archers
  10. Armorines
  11. Bestworks Biotics Inc.
  12. Higher Eternals
  13. Blackbelts
  14. Blind Slingers
  15. Blood Syndicates
  16. Bloodstrikes
  17. Blue Lantern Corps
  18. Bureau for Excessive Protection
  19. Armstrong Brigades
  20. A-Staff
  21. Atomic Knights
  22. Avengers GenZ
  23. Avengers New Division
  24. Avengers of USA
  25. Finest Buddies
  26. Champions of Multi Galaxy
  27. Chill Zone
  28. Chosen Codenames
  29. Chosen Secret Room
  30. Lantern Corps
  31. Console Activity Power
  32. Company Corps
  33. Cosmic Heroes
  34. Cyber Activists
  35. Crusaders from North
  36. Day by day Challengers
  37. Darkish Deadpools
  38. Darker Lords
  39. Darkish-Riders
  40. Darkish Room
  41. Deaf Military
  42. Defenders of Avid gamers
  43. Digital Issue
  44. Gamer Alliance
  45. Gen Playground
  46. Digital Males
  47. Everlasting DigitalForce
  48. Excessive Avid gamers
  49. F.I.S.T Corps
  50. Fabulous Few
  51. Fallen Weapons
  52. Fearless Warriors
  53. Preventing Firm
  54. Closing Authority
  55. Fireplace Apes
  56. FiringforceFirm
  57. First Males
  58. GenZ Good Squad
  59. Grand Theft Outlaws
  60. Worldwide Hunter League

Cute Discord Server Name Ideas

Cute Discord Server Name Ideas
  1. Dear To Everyone
  2. Great Leaders 
  3. Rocking The Community 
  4. Fun Guys 
  5. Arranged Lovers
  6. Sharing With Care 
  7. Gaming Mysterious Group 
  8. Magnetic Creative Services 
  9. Better Fights 
  10. Underrated Lines 
  11. Chevrolet Lovers 
  12. Junior’s World 
  13. Kim’s Lovers 
  14. Your Star Here 
  15. My Funny World 
  16. All Is Well 
  17. Reliable Networks 
  18. Digital-Dreams 
  19. Energetic Humming 
  20. Very Friendly Gangs 
  21. Ignite Lovers 
  22. Clever Girls Only 
  23. Creative Ideas 
  24. Supermoon Guys 
  25. Daring Cuties
  26. MadSex
  27. SomeDiscordAmongUs
  28. Imogus
  29. W3TDR34MS
  30. IamTAKEN
  31. KarmaWH0RE
  32. MichaelPlop
  33. JOKER
  34. JustAnOgre
  35. AlfredoPizza
  36. MinionGentleman
  37. TheSummerGuy
  38. 6ty9ine
  39. Kring
  40. Impasta
  42. MaidCostume
  43. Deznut
  44. FidgetSpinner
  45. Wet Slippers
  46. Chili Turnip
  47. Those who can’t hold on
  48. Olive-Free Pastry
  49. Delusion
  50. The Chief
  51. Unstoppable Smoke
  52. Tolerance
  53. Irresistible La Bebe
  54. Why So Bad
  55. Zero Boredom
  56. Naughty Respect
  57. Unknown Room
  58. High Kingdom Warrior
  59. Unmerciful
  60. GameGod Lounge

Funny Discord Server Name Ideas

  1. InsertNiceName 
  2. HornedReaper 
  3. Alone Yet Cool
  4. wearelivingart 
  5. Bianca Chandon 
  6. Winters Not Coming 
  7. GlueScreen gang 
  8. Minecraft legends 
  9. Glitter Devils
  10. Advocate Pyramid
  11. KaiseHo 
  12. Ricky Bobby 
  13. Lollygag 
  14. NinggaBoss 
  15. Abe Sala 
  16. Noaah Naga 
  17. Sona Sona Mona 
  18. Bad DSN
  19. Head Collateral Damage 
  20. The Clash Clan 
  21. January SmashNDash 
  22. Sweaty Granny 
  23. Hellcat Sociopath 
  24. Grim reaper tribe 
  25. Saturn Tips
  26. Poppa Woody 
  27. Cheek Boom 
  28. Cherry Mary 
  29. AaaAaaaAa 
  30. Larry Queen 
  31. The Pauciloquent
  32. Jim Jima 
  33. Mary Poppins 
  34. Vye Brator 
  35. Mar Sala
  36. Hulk tweezers 
  37. Wolovizard 
  38. Soldmomfor
  39. RP diet prada
  40. Mr Gardyloo 
  41. Jo-Jo 
  42. Foxy Ton 
  43. Not Ha ha ha 
  44. Dudu Miya
  45. Eggo Kigo 
  46. Honey Banny
  47. YourMomsName 
  48. SuperVillain 
  49. Vex Spiderman 
  50. The Doctor Camo 
  51. Jack Sparrow 
  52. Gecko 
  53. Always Distracted Boxer 
  54. Cool Discord User 
  55. Coolest Discord Users 
  56. Watering Can Media
  57. Bin Sera 
  58. Dream Seem 
  59. MrBoomer 
  60. Not Bob but the builders

Gaming Discord Server Name Ideas

Gaming Discord Server Name Ideas
  1. Gamer Paradise
  2. ItsAPhaseClan
  3. Gulag
  4. Emperors
  5. Dickinson’s
  6. CollectiveServer
  7. HouseofB
  8. CertifiedGamerBoys
  9. Defamators
  10. HellfireClub
  11. Average Kumalala Fans
  12. Bikini Bottom
  13. GamersRiseUp
  14. Killer Punch Individuals
  15. Knights of Heaven
  16. League of Extraordinary Avid gamers
  17. League of Loser Legends
  18. Legion Expandable Squad
  19. Legion of Warriors
  20. Marvel Fan Corps
  21. Mastermnds Inc.
  22. Masters of the Galaxy
  23. Merciful Defenders
  24. Merciful Squad
  25. Mighty Mutants
  26. N.O.O.B
  27. Navi Fighters
  28. Want for Runaways
  29. New Age Avengers
  30. Neo Atomics
  31. New Avengers
  32. New Firm
  33. Subsequent Hunt Plan Room
  34. Subsequent Wave Haters
  35. One Arm Mutants
  36. Solely Challengers
  37. Operation Storage
  38. Our Crew
  39. Outsiders
  40. Overwatch HQ
  41. Pact of Cross-Platformers
  42. Pantheon of Avid gamers
  43. ParaDemons
  44. Patriots Playcore
  45. Peace Makers Inc
  46. Phoenix Power
  47. Planetary Military
  48. Planetary Commandos
  49. Room of Masters
  50. Room of Tremendous Minds
  51. Room-Patrol
  52. Spherical desk of Horizon
  53. Sapphire Rifles
  54. Sauce Squad
  55. Savage Scavengers
  56. Savana Warriors
  57. Saviors of Controllers
  58. Secret Corps
  59. Secret Troopers
  60. Shadow Strikers

Creative Discord Server Name Ideas

  1. Shiny Knights
  2. Smoke & Shoot
  3. Soccer Supremes
  4. Troopers of Salvation
  5. Sovereign Seven
  6. Break up Screeners
  7. Squad 4 Inc
  8. Tremendous Followers
  9. Tremendous Star Squadron
  10. Supercharged Inc
  11. Supernaturals
  12. First League
  13. The Foot
  14. The Horror Guards
  15. Immortal Gods
  16. Darkside Rookie
  17. Xenoglossy
  18. Save Button
  19. Lost Blood
  20. Special Forces
  21. Bad Boys Winners
  22. Tweek Samuel
  23. Shriek
  24. TheUnholy
  25. Infinite Hell
  26. Dark Hell
  27. Panda Moment
  28. Amazon Assassins
  29. The League of Horror
  30. The Legion of Ais
  31. Marvel Membership
  32. ThunderDogs
  33. Thunderkitties
  34. Tiger C.O.R.P.S.
  35. Complete Strangers
  36. U.S. Common
  37. Final Krogans
  38. Final-Squad
  39. The New League of Gunners
  40. The New Wave RTS Membership
  41. Flip-Primarily based Nobles
  42. Trinity Staff
  43. Bother Makers
  44. Troublesome Shooters
  45. Extremely Union
  46. Uncanny Gamers
  47. Undead Warriors
  48. USA Champions
  49. Valhalla Corps
  50. Underground Youngsters
  51. Unfixed Sudden Union
  52. United Crusaders
  53. Unity of Trinity
  54. Unstoppable Power
  55. Unstoppable Machines
  56. Watchwomen
  57. We Defend Others
  58. WebWatch
  59. West Coast Riders
  60. West Coast Teenagers

Cool Discord Server Name Ideas

Cool Discord Server Name Ideas
  1. Western Warriors
  2. White Walkers
  3. Whizard Youngsters
  4. Wild Guess Guild
  5. Wild Hunters
  6. Wolf Pack
  7. WW3 Corps
  8. . Xbox Alphas
  9. 9. Xtreme Power
  10. X-Teenagers
  11. Y-Males
  12. Youngblood
  13. Younger Allies
  14. Younger Avengers
  15. Younger-Justice
  16. Younger X-Males
  17. Z-Infants
  18. BadFlame
  19. Zufendin
  20. BladeSong
  21. AshenDagger
  22. Tornesor
  23. Bittor Coudseam
  24. Zikkzak
  25. Blodiex
  26. GowerPol
  27. JohnDashX
  28. Legends Grim
  29. League of Gamers
  30. Riff Raff
  31. Grim Freak
  32. Phantom Chicken
  33. Agony Ambusher
  34. Midnight Morgue
  35. KingoftheNorth
  36. Back2theFuture
  37. GwaihirtheWindLord
  38. Irresistible Bodybag
  39. Hashtag Omen
  40. Nemesis Army
  41. ImACookie
  42. Bella Bird
  43. jack_sparrow
  44. JohnnieWalker
  45. DustyBawls
  46. SolidSnake
  47. EatMyBullets
  48. LoveCatVideos
  49. Hulk Society
  50. NotOnTikTok
  51. 8BitLag
  52. X-Men
  53. americanfailure
  54. Oiishi Spacebar
  55. Enlightened Marz
  56. Vanilla Snake
  57. NotBaka
  58. Buzz Astro Men
  59. Hold My Bullet
  60. Thinking Blackpool

Aesthetic Discord Server Name Ideas

  1. ImNotACookie
  2. Thanos Bella
  3. TheClown
  4. EvilSparrow
  5. WalkerBoy
  6. DustyBawls
  7. SolidSnake
  8. Rocky
  9. NamelessOne
  10. MrsMalfoy
  11. DarkLord
  12. Daisy
  13. FullScopeJedi
  14. Princess
  15. MisplacedUsername
  16. Rainbow Kat
  17. EatMyBullets
  18. LikeMyVideos
  19. Cat Society
  20. NotmyTikTok
  21. Bitman
  22. X-Men league
  23. USfailure
  24. Spacebar 
  25. Enlightened
  26. Vanilla Shake
  27. NotCoolxyz
  28. Buzz Men
  29. Hold My Time
  30. Thinking Marz
  31. OnADiet
  32. A Blackpool Army
  33. Cool Zone
  34. Sweety Rocket
  35. Raven Juno
  36. SoulessButHappy
  37. Pixel Alias
  38. betches
  39. Drocsid (Discord backwards…)
  40. Blondie
  41. Prebuilt Killer
  42. iwasamistake
  43. LegendLife101
  44. Hale Echo
  45. Thats_My_Idea
  46. The ReDefiners
  47. AbortionSurvivor
  48. NoUsername
  49. ChrisEvansVerified
  50. Devi Cosmo
  51. StormTrooper
  52. BlazeQueen
  53. StarLord
  54. Game changers
  55. Shark GodFather
  56. RumGuru
  57. Fire Conquestor
  58. Family_Guy
  59. Black_Pink
  60. Frooty loops

How To Change A Username On Discord?

On Discord, changing a username is a simple process.

Simply follow these instructions.

  • Start Discord.
  • Click on the User Settings found in the lower left corner
  • You can locate your “Username” next to your profile photo in the “Account” section.
  • Click on the “Edit” option that is located next to the “Username” button.
  • To verify your identity, enter your new username and existing password.
  • Embrace your new username!

You can have different nicknames on each server. This will enable you to have a distinct identity for each one. However, it would be best to be careful while picking your Discord server name. The name should fit your Discord server’s ideology, and it should be both memorable and distinctive.

How to Modify Your Nickname On A Discord Server?

  • Sign in to the mobile app.
  • Tap the menu (three lines) icon.
  • On the left side of the screen, you will see a list of all the servers.
  • In this list, press the presentation whose nickname you want to change.
  • Then click the ellipses icon next to the server name.
  • Now click the Change Nickname icon.
  • Type your new nickname and click Save.

What Advice Do You Have For Coming Up With The Best Name For A Discord Server? 

What Advice Do You Have For Coming Up With The Best Name For A Discord Server?

Of course, you are welcome to use the names listed in this article. You can, however, also decide to come up with your own server name. Contrary to what many people think, coming up with a distinctive and unforgettable name for a server is very simple. Simply adhere to the following advice.  

Reason Behind Creating Your Discord Server.

Finding out why you have established a new server in the first place is the initial thing you should do. You can start limiting your options for the server name that are going to be associated with the server’s purpose based on the reasons. 

Short And Sweet Is Ideal.

A distinctive Discord server name should also be short enough to be remembered, which is an essential consideration. If other people can’t recall your server name, there’s no point in keeping it long. Additionally, avoid using terms that are difficult to understand. The title should be something that is simple to recall. 

Uniqueness Is Essential. 

The sea of servers with names that are identical to yours will make your Discord server challenging to find. That is different from what you want. Therefore, it is advised that you think of a name that is particular to the server’s subject. 

Anything goes as long as it distinguishes your server from the other ones that share the same concept. 

Examine The Names Of Your Rival Servers. 

Observe the server names of your competitors’ servers to see how you can combine various names to create something new. You can implement what you’ve learned about why their server titles seem so distinctive to the name of your Discord server. 

Make Use Of Name Generators For Discord. 

You can also use Discord server name generators to help create a unique server name. These instruments for generating names are very simple to comprehend and use. You only need to enter the genre or niche of your Discord server here, and you will be presented with hundreds of potential server names. 

Always Verify The Availability Of Your Server Name.

Before creating a Discord server, owners should ensure the name is available.

  • Open Discord using the app or website, and register by completing the required steps.
  • Enter the site after creating your account.
  • Click on the search button in the upper left corner.
  • Enter the server name that comes to mind in the search bar and press enter to verify if the server name you have in mind is unique. 

If you want to start a Discord server after making sure the name you have in mind is unique, you can quickly alter the name of your Discord server by carefully following the steps listed below:

  • Select “Let Me Create Myself” after clicking + below the alignment of the Discord icon in the upper left corner.
  • Choose “For my friends and me” or “For a club or community,” then navigate to the Server Name part.
  • After entering any Discord server name, select the Create button.

Get The Name Registered 

It’s time to register your new Discord server once you’ve decided the Discord server name. By doing this, you’ll stop others from stealing your Discord server’s name or assuming control of it.

Final Words

Choose a name for your Discord server that will catch the interest of your intended audience. Your cool server names can contain puns and jokes to make them distinctive. Make sure the server name is brief, memorable, and catchy. Use keywords to highlight the goods or services your business provides if you intend to start a server for your enterprise.

Consider the type of servers you want to create. Is the purpose of your server gaming? You may want to make a group for fans of video games online. A Discord server is an excellent method to connect with fellow gamers and share ideas. 

Bear in mind the following when coming up with a Discord Server Name: it should be simple to recall, memorable, and suitable for kids.

We hope this Discord server name guide helps you find the best name. 

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