Fortnite - Changes in Kratos Skin Noticed by Fan

Fortnite – Changes in Kratos Skin Noticed by Fan

An unexpected update in Fortnite attracted the attention of a gamer who noticed changes to Kratos’ skin’s facial motions. In its seven years, Fortnite has explored a variety of topics and worked with well-known celebrities. Greek mythology serves as the basis for the Myths and Mortals theme, which is new for the current season of Fortnite, Chapter 5 Season 2. As such, the area has been altered by the game once more to include lakes and other constructions with Greek themes. Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek gods, is one of the four newly added areas of interest. This new season delves into a well-known concept that gave rise to well-known pop culture figures. Notably, one of these characters has had a subtle but noticeable visual change due to a player’s detection of an update.

Reddit user Alphasilverhawk shared a video of an unexpected update that added new facial expressions to Kratos’ skin when he was in the lobby pose. The God of War protagonist is now wearing a furious expression, giving Fortnite players a shocking new angle. The first appearance of Kratos was included in Chapter 2 of Season 5, which featured the character’s appearance from God of War Ragnarok. As part of their continuing offerings in the battle royale, Epic Games recently unveiled another skin of Kratos wearing golden armor in addition to this one.

The glaring absence of the Kratos skin has persisted even after Fortnite unveiled a new season themed around Greek mythology. For over a thousand days, Kratos has been noticeably missing from the Fortnite in-game store. Though the Spartan warrior has been absent from Fortnite for a while, leakers have suggested exciting new things for fans of God of War. Rumors have claimed that Fortnite will release a skin that depicts a youthful Kratos, modeled after the character’s appearance in the 2005 God of War game. Another rumor has it that Fortnite intends to release an Atreus skin in addition to the youthful Kratos skin, bringing back his father’s legendary appearance in the in-game store.

Fans of Fortnite are constantly anticipating crossovers that may or may not happen because of the game’s constantly growing number of partnerships. The tiny nuances on Kratos’s skin have led fans to speculate that further content based on the Greek pantheon notion may be released in the future. 

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