Fortnite Faces Fan Criticism Over New User Interface

Fortnite Faces Fan Criticism Over New User Interface

Following the most recent Fortnite update, players have vented their frustration on social media about the changes to the user interface, which many feel have complicated and crowded content discovery. For live service experiences like Fortnite, frequent updates and patches are typical in an effort to keep the game appealing and boost user engagement. Fortnite often updates its in-game store with new items and advertises time-limited events for players to take part in, in addition to seasonal items and battle passes.

This week, Fortnite brought back its Halloween-themed Fortnitemares event, which also brought back the Horde Rush PvE game mode and well-known equipment like the Witch’s Broom and Pumpkin Launcher. Thorne’s Vampiric Blade and the Wood Stake Shotgun are just a couple of the several new quests, awards, and weapons that were released this year. Additionally, it included fascinating partnerships with horror legends Michael Myers, Alan Wake, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. However, the Fortnitemares update also brought about an entirely new appearance and feel for Fortnite’s menu system, a change that hasn’t been welcomed by the community as a whole.

Users on the Fortnite subreddit, like Grugstix, have started creating threads in which they voice their displeasure with the most recent user interface. Many gamers agree that the new home bar design has made it more difficult to select the appropriate game mode by clogging the screen and making regular modes harder to identify. There is a general belief that since something was already working, there was no need to modify it. Players are actively looking for a means to return to the old interface, but there isn’t currently an easy option to do so.

Some users also complain that conventional modes like Zero Build are becoming harder to access as Fortnite Creative options take precedence in the list. Many users want the ability to pin these options to the top of the list.

Along with significant updates to Fortnite’s user interface, Epic Games also revealed a huge upgrade to Fortnite Creative. With assistance from rating organizations like the ESRB and PEGI, Fortnite will start assigning age ratings to user-created Creative experiences on October 16. An IARC questionnaire will be sent to the creators, and the rating that is created will be checked for correctness. On November 14, all content without a rating will be deleted off the platform, making it much harder, if not impossible, to find.

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