Hogwarts Legacy Sidequest May Hint at a Possible Sequel

Hogwarts Legacy Sidequest May Hint at a Possible Sequel

There are many things to do in Hogwarts Legacy by Avalanche Software, like touring Hogwarts Castle and exploring its vast open area to find magical animals. The game has a tonne of content, including side quests. While they might not be the most noteworthy aspect, some of the quests offer a welcome diversion from the main plot and other taxing activities. There are also clues of possible Hogwarts Legacy 2 content in one specific side quest.

Although Hogwarts Legacy 2’s production has not been officially confirmed, it seems likely considering the previous game’s financial success. Given this supposition, it’s interesting to investigate how one of the endearing side missions in Hogwarts Legacy can hint at what will be included in the sequel and what kind of content players can anticipate.

The “Mer-ky Depths” mission in Hogwarts Legacy is distinct from other tasks in that it requires players to submerge themselves. As the “Liaison to the Merpeople,” Nerida Roberts assigns players the duty of locating a gift that was exchanged between her and the Merpeople. But Nerida can’t swim, which makes things more difficult. She needs the player’s assistance to get the gift out of an underwater tunnel that she can’t reach without diving. She tries to explain her situation to the Merpeople in Mermish, but they misinterpret her, so she turns to the player for help.

Swimming from Nerida’s dock to a predetermined location where they dive underwater, players begin the mission. They have to solve a problem after entering a cave in order to uncover a chest that holds the coveted Mermish Artefact. After locating it, players give the relic back to Nerida to finish the mission. This unique side mission in Hogwarts Legacy is a significant addition to the game, hinting at possible underwater material in a follow-up.

Underwater exploration in Hogwarts Legacy may open the door to further content in a possible follow-up. The gigantic squid that appears in the game suggests that Hogwarts Legacy 2 may have underwater features. In a follow-up, players might explore below the surface to find hidden treasures, come across Merpeople, or even engage with the enormous squid. The already captivating world of the game would be enhanced with more fantasy thanks to this inclusion, giving gamers a more engaging experience.

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