Xbox Introduces New Controller Features

Xbox Introduces New Controller Features

Xbox has released its most recent console update, which includes keyboard mapping capability for Xbox controllers on PCs and consoles, just in time for Halloween. Additionally, Xbox gamers may now modify and share their game grabs on social media by importing them into Clipchamp.

Microsoft released two upgrades for Xbox systems in September 2023. Features including direct broadcasting to Discord, easier accessibility pairing without pressing the Pair button, and variable refresh rate support for Xbox Series X/S consoles on supported monitors were added in the first of these September updates. In addition, voice chat sound bites were included as a way to report people for harassment in games, and friends were able to join each other’s game sessions for compatible titles. But Xbox wasn’t done with its fall update cycle.

Xbox Wire reports that the latest Xbox system update allows users to map any button on an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 or Xbox Adaptive Controller to a keyboard. Users can reassign the extra buttons on the back of the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 to act as modifier keys, like Shift and Control, when using Windows. With this update, key combinations like Alt-R or Shift-Control-1 can also be used as a single button input. Notably, the most recent update to the Xbox Accessories app makes the controller remapping update available on Windows 10 and Windows 11, in addition to Xbox consoles

After the Xbox upgrade in late September 2023, which redesigned the console’s data storage mechanism, players can now upload their game clips to Clipchamp through the Microsoft network. A Windows PC application and desktop browser called Clipchamp is made for making and editing videos that are social media-optimized. Xbox players should be advised, though, that with this upgrade, they will have a 90-day window from the time of upload to use or transfer their catches before they are automatically erased. It should be noted that clips stored directly on external storage or the Xbox console are not covered by this deletion policy.

Xbox gamers now have additional opportunities to personalize their gaming experience with games like Final Fantasy 14, which will soon be available for the Xbox platform and has complex keybindings. How players will make use of these new upgrades is yet to be seen.

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