Xbox to Release Special Edition Controllers

Xbox to Release Special Edition Controllers

According to rumors, a new Xbox Special Edition Controller will soon be available. As aesthetically pleasing designs become common, controllers in today’s gaming environment do more than merely act as interfaces. Nintendo’s Joy-Con colors and distinctive Xbox and PlayStation controller variations serve as examples. These objects have become sought-after collectibles for many enthusiasts due to the wide diversity of styles.

Many modern designs merely provide users the option of getting a controller in the color of their choice. Some controllers strive to be innovative, including special features or layouts as well as occasionally including thematic bonuses like the aforementioned Starfield design. Players now have the ability to customize their gaming experience thanks to the evolution of controllers into a style statement.

By September 19, 2023, Xbox is expected to introduce an Astral Purple controller, according to a leak by data miner billbil-kun. Although no additional details or photographs were provided, Xbox Design Lab’s color selections give some indication of the possible design. Though button colors may vary, billbil-kun offered a mock-up based on the Xbox Design Lab’s Astral Purple color selections. The controller is anticipated to cost around $64.99, or roughly £59.99 in the UK.

Billbil-kun has a history of being trustworthy, having previously confirmed the Epic Games promotion in 2022 and revealed information about a number of PS Plus lineups. The frequent release of limited edition controllers by Microsoft in 2023 gives this information credibility even though they haven’t provided any other information regarding the breach.

The Xbox will add the Astral Purple controller to its long roster of Special Edition products. As a result of Microsoft’s dedication to providing a variety of alternatives, players can expect a steady trickle of fresh color schemes and designs. This demonstrates Xbox’s commitment to delivering customized experiences through distinctive graphics, which extends not only to controllers but also to console add-ons.

The Astral Purple Xbox Special Edition Controller is rumored to launch on September 19, 2023.

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