Israeli Website Leaks the Possibility of a 6.2GHz Intel Monster CPU

Israeli Website Leaks the Possibility of a 6.2GHz Intel Monster CPU

There is no reason to worry if the 6GHz Intel Core i9-14900K Raptor Lake update CPU does not live up to your expectations. A previously unreported version, the Core i9-14900 KS, has been found operating at 6.2GHz, with a notable 200MHz speed increase. This information comes from the website of Israeli rig maker PCOnline, which presently lists workstations equipped with the 14900KS model.

The Core i9-14900 KS appears to be an accurate discovery, even if it hasn’t been officially released by Intel. It has the right specs, including 36MB of cache, and it’s completely integrated with PCOnline’s e-commerce system with multiple configurations. It looks to be more than just a typo, as the listing suggests that someone at PCOnline genuinely believes the 6.2GHz 14900KS exists.

To put things in perspective, a basic configuration with the 14900 KS, 16GB RAM, a 512GB SSD, and no discrete GPU costs $1,214, but the identical setup with the Core i9-14900K standard only costs $1,051. While the exact cost may not be the main concern, the $163 price increase for the new 6.2GHz CPU is comparable to what Intel charged more for the “S” variant of the original Raptor Lake family.

To put things in context, the 13900 KS costs just less than $700, while the Core i9-13900K from the previous 13th Gen family costs about $550. The most recent 14900K is currently selling for about $590. Given this, the 14900KS’s suggested retail price would probably be $750 or a little less. Although the extra 200MHz costs more and equates to a 3% increase in clock speed, most users might not find the difference, therefore it’s a substantial investment for a negligible performance gain.

On the flip side, if you’re looking for an Intel i9 desktop CPU that has the best overclocking potential, the Core i9-14900 KS, if it’s true, should come out of the best testing bin and hit the fastest clock speeds out of all the versions. If the leak from a PC builder is accurate, Intel may be about to make the CPU’s formal announcement. Information is already making its way to PC builders, which suggests that a release is about to happen. This leak may also hasten Intel’s formal announcement. 

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