Pixel Fold Renders Leaks – What Does Google’s Elusive Foldable Phone Look Like?

Pixel Fold Renders Leaks – What Does Google’s Elusive Foldable Phone Look Like?

Until now, Google has remained silent regarding the Pixel Fold, which has dashed some people’s hopes of the Pixel ever releasing a foldable phone, but there are a considerable number of leaks and rumors that are keeping the rumors alive. A new leak has surfaced online that proves that the Pixel Fold will be a reality.

This leak came from John Prosser, who leaked the Pixel 6 and the Pixel Watch designs. He revealed that the unannounced Google Pixel Fold would most likely be named Pixel Notepad, although the name may change. Prosser also shared a bunch of renders he claims are that of the Pixel Fold on his website, Frontpagetech. 

Prosser claims that the 3D renders are based on the images provided by Prosser’s anonymous source. If they are correct, these renders show a 3D view of the new foldable phone from all angles. At first glance, it becomes clear that the Pixel Fold will borrow design cues from the Google Pixel 7 Pro’s rear camera visor and will have a bar across the back panel. 

This panel will house the rear cameras. According to earlier rumors, the primary camera is the Sony IMX787 sensor. The secondary cameras include a 12MP ultrawide shooter and a 10MP telephoto sensor. According to the specs revealed earlier, Google’s Pixel Fold is likely to be a contender for the best foldable phone, with its design resembling the Oppo Find N. However, previous rumors have suggested that the phone will most likely use a Samsung display and have a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

The CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, Ross Young, also backed these leaks by replying to Frontpage tech’s tweets regarding the leak. He added that the inner screen will measure 5.78 inches and the outer will measure 5.78 inches. 

Regarding the price of this phone, Prosser claims that it will be priced similarly to the Galaxy Fold 4 at $1799. This piece of news is contrary to previous speculations that Goole’s foldable phone would be comparatively cheaper. Prosser’s sources have also claimed that the phone will be unveiled in May 2023.

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