14 Best Air Tags For Android

14 Best Air Tags For Android

The Apple Air Tag has been available for purchase for a long enough amount of time at this point, during which it has amassed a respectable number of customers and fans. It is really helpful due to its simplicity, enabling you to locate and track goods you have misplaced. Although you can view the tracker data using an Android phone that supports NFC, you will not be able to monitor items using the Apple AirTags app on your Android device. Therefore, if you are an Android user, we have included a list of some of the top alternatives to Air Tags for Android that you can purchase.

In order to assist you in tracking and tracing your belongings, the vast majority of these trackers employ Bluetooth in conjunction with their own specialized locating systems. These AirTag Apple alternatives for Android are going to help you in locating any item you’re looking for, whether it’s your precious wallet, a set of important keys, or your expensive camera bag. In addition, these gadgets are inexpensive and provide a less expensive alternative to the AirTag. After you’ve paid for them, we are confident you’ll get a lot of use out of them.

Join us as we investigate the operation of AirTags, how to utilize AirTags with your Android device, along with some of the most effective alternatives available on the market right now.

What Exactly Are Apple AirTags, Anyway?

AirTags are small, reusable Tags that emit Bluetooth signals and can connect to any nearby Apple device via the Find My Connections service. The location of the AirTag is determined by the amount of strength that the Bluetooth signal has. The coordinates of the AirTag are transferred to the iCloud servers maintained by Apple, who then mark it on an online map for convenient access.

Beeping and precision finding are the two methods that can be utilized in order to locate AirTags. Android, sadly, does not support the majority of the features that are available for AirTags.

How exactly do AirTags function?

The U1 Chip Used by Apple

Each and every AirTag features Apple’s one-of-a-kind U1 Ultra Wideband microprocessor, which can only be found in AirTags. This exceedingly small microchip makes it possible for an AirTag to do the exact directional tracking it enables. However, in order to reap the benefits of the U1, your monitoring device must also possess a U1 chip.

The U1 was initially introduced with the Apple iPhone 11 and is now included in Apple Watch Series 6 & higher models. The U1 is specifically designed to detect and track other U1 chips precisely. This has many different uses, including day-to-day tasks such as using AirDrop.

There is an absence of U1 CPUs in M1 Macs and iPads, even the iPad Pro. Despite this, almost all of them are still linked to the Find My Network.

Due to the absence of a U1 chip in non-Apple devices, short-range tracking functions cannot be utilized on Android devices. This is due to the fact that when you monitor the U1 through another U1 device, there is a significant amount of proprietary Apple software in operation.

The Application Titled “Find My”

To achieve the level of performance that Apple advertises for its AirTags, it takes more than simply U1 hardware. AirTags work with Apple’s Find My application, and to access the information associated with each Tag, it is necessary to have the Find My app installed.

Connectivity to a network and use of the Find My app are prerequisites for the AirTag to be able to perform its worldwide tracking functions. To put it another way, the Find My app is not compatible with Android. On the other hand, nothing stops you from accessing Find My using the iCloud website on your Android phone through a web browser.

The website allows you to perform the majority of the tasks that the app is capable of, which includes tracking and placing your Apple devices into lost mode. Sadly, the Find My web application does not currently support AirTags; in order to utilize the application, you will need an Apple device.

Do AirTags Support Android?

Do AirTags work with Android? Can you use AirTag with Android? They cannot be used with an Android device because it is not the purpose for which they were developed.

You may use AirTags with Android by getting the official Tracker Detect application from the Play Store and installing it on your device. Sadly, Tracker Detect is not an app that is compatible with Find My on Android. It’s there because individuals have legitimate concerns about their privacy being invaded by trackers like AirTags. It is still possible to make AirTags function with Android, but it does not provide access to all the features.

Users of Apple products will now receive a notification if another person’s AirTag is traveling with them as a result of a feature that Apple recently implemented. This function stops criminals and other dishonest individuals from accessing AirTags in order to track your location.

Android users put themselves at risk since, in order to locate nearby AirTags, you need to use an Apple smartphone. The application known as Tracker Detect is intended to help mitigate this problem. If you have the program installed on your Android phone, you may use it to search for AirTags by scanning the area around you.

There are quite a few substantial limitations to take into account. Users are required to start the scanning process from the beginning on their own. Therefore, you won’t be subject to random warnings. As a consequence of this, the answer is one that is pretty unappealing. Second, when a device leaves the range of Bluetooth, it will only inform AirTags that have been separated from their owners for over fifteen minutes when the device goes out of the Bluetooth range.

This means that it is not particularly effective if the person trying to track you remains in the area or if you chance to run the scan at a time when the Tag doesn’t display, giving you the impression that you are free from trackers.

AirTags that NFC Readers read

An Apple iPhone equipped with a U1 chip should be able to take full advanTage of an AirTag. Nevertheless, AirTags also come with a Near Field Communication (NFC) Tag that is almost supported everywhere in the world. If you have misplaced your AirTag, you can retrieve the information it contains by using any application that supports NFC and tapping the white side of the Tag on the back of your phone or any NFC reader location.

However, the information on the Tag is irrelevant if one does not have accessibility to the Find My Network. When the web link that is attached to the Tag is opened, the only information that can be seen is the Tag’s serial number along with the person’s phone number with the last few digits removed.

Top Alternatives to AirTags for Users of Android.

AirTags are excellent Bluetooth trackers; however, because Android does not support them, many users are unable to take advanTage of them. The availability of Android AirTag alternatives makes it possible for you to use an Android handset with tracking capabilities comparable to those of AirTag.

The following is a list of several of the best alternatives to Android Air Tag.

1. SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag+ Plus 

SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag+ Plus

The Samsung ecosystem is fully compatible with the Galaxy SmartTag+’s functionality. This Android version of AirTag forms a solid link with the Galaxy Find Network, enabling you to track the SmartTag using any nearby Samsung phone compatible with the feature. Even when you’re not online, the Galaxy SmartTags has an impressive range of roughly 390 feet, allowing them to track goods that have been misplaced easily.

The bonded app, SmartThings, and its simple tap-to-find feature make it possible for you to control a variety of Samsung smart gadgets located across your home. For example, you can switch on your lights by simply tapping the button on your SmartTag. In addition to requiring the use of a Samsung account, using it in conjunction with an ultra-wideband (UWB) enabled Galaxy smartphone that is running Android 11 or a later version is necessary to ensure the highest level of performance.

Having said that, the fact that it is compact and has a simple design makes it incredibly useful. In addition, it features a hollow where you may attach your keys. The battery that it uses is a CR2032 lithium coin cell that may be replaced. Up to approximately four years is the typical lifespan for something like this. In the event that the tracker’s battery dies, you can purchase a replacement for it at the store.

2. SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag

SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag

Android users who use Samsung Galaxy devices have the best option with Samsung Galaxy SmartTag. Galaxy SmartTags is not compatible with any other Android devices; therefore, if you don’t have a Samsung mobile, you won’t be able to use it. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag has functionality comparable to that of AirTags.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy handset and have been impressed by the AirTags, perhaps the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is an ideal alternative to the AirTags that Android has to offer. The Galaxy SmartTags utilize Bluetooth technology in order to track the items that are connected to them. It has a Bluetooth range of up to 120 meters, but Apple AirTags only have a Bluetooth range of 100 meters.

If the Tagged item is located outside your Galaxy smartphone’s Bluetooth range, you can use the “find a network” function to locate it. These are just some of the advanTages of using Samsung Galaxy SmartTags; however, there is one drawback, which is that it can only be used with Galaxy devices.

3. Chipolo ONE Spot (2021) 

Chipolo ONE Spot (2021) 

If we are talking about Chipolo trackers, then we can most certainly recommend the Chipolo One tracker since these trackers are excellent in comparison to all other brands in terms of both price and technology. When you use a Chipolo One tracker, you won’t have to worry about leaving your valuables behind or misplacing them because it will send you timely warnings even when you are outside of the range of the device.

The alarm on the Chipolo One tracker emits a loud sound that makes it easier for you to hear and locate the items you are looking for. Another advanTageous feature of this tracker is that its CR2032 battery has a lifespan of two years and can be swapped out by the user.

The Chipolo One Bluetooth tracker is available in six distinct colors, giving you a wide range of color choices. In addition to having the opportunity to select the color, you are also getting a design that is both small and lightweight.

All of these elements combined in the design of the Chipolo One give it a cool and contemporary appearance. This tracker is similarly water-resistant, although not quite as invulnerable as AirTag. The fact that the Chipolo One tracker has so many more functions is what makes it the superior choice to AirTag when used with Android.

4. Cube Pro Key Finder

Cube Pro Key Finder

Due to its functionality as well as its many other advanTages, the Cube Pro tracker is another fantastic alternative to AirTag available for Android. The selfie remote feature, which allows you to snap hands-free selfies without shaking the image, is the most striking feature of the Cube Pro. This device is a two-way tracker, so you can also use it to keep tabs on your phone. When compared to that of the AirTag, its Bluetooth tracking range of up to 200 feet is significantly shorter.

Additionally, the user-replaceable CR2025 battery that is included with the Cube Pro has a lifespan of one year. You will not be required to recharge your tracker more than a few times daily because its battery is so powerful. A further advantage of this is that, similar to the Chipolo One tracker, it is waterproof. Don’t be concerned about any sort of water damage.

Cube Pro is compatible with the Cube Tracker application, which can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices. If you have misplaced the Tagged object, all you need to do is check the app, and it will display the item’s last known location on a map and sound an alarm to let you know it’s separated from you. All of these capabilities place this tracker near the top of the list of the best alternatives to AirTag for Android.

5. Tile Slim 1-Pack. Thin Bluetooth Tracker

Tile Slim 1-Pack. Thin Bluetooth Tracker

The Tile Slim was built specifically for your wallet or other limited space like the n you use AirTag with Android Apple Tag wallet, which is approximately the dimension of a credit card, so it easily slips into pockets or anywhere else you’d need monitoring capabilities. Its dimensions are comparable to those of a business card

This tracker connects to the Tile app in the same way that the Tile Pro does, allowing you to utilize the Tile Network to locate items that are outside the Bluetooth range of 250 feet, view the item’s most recent location, and even make your phone ring while it is set to silent mode. Because it has a water-resistance classification of IP67, it can survive being submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for up to half an hour. 

Additionally, you can pAir it with smart home devices such as Alexa to cause it to generate a beeping sound. In addition, the premium subscription to the Tile app grants you access to item reimbursement as well as smart alert messages in the event that you get separated from your precious belongings. 

Because the battery cannot be replaced or recharged, the tracker has a finite lifespan; nevertheless, the tracker’s battery life is around three years, so you are sure to get plenty of use out of it until then. One thing that should be mentioned is that the battery cannot be replaced or recharged.

6. Tile Essentials (2020) 

Tile Essentials (2020) 

The Tile Slim is a tracker in the shape of a credit card and can fit inside your wallet or purse. Tile Slim is the best alternative to Apple AirTag wallet that has a width equivalent to three credit cards when stacked together, and there is a good chance that it will not add extra weight to your wallet. On the other hand, the battery cannot be replaced. You will need to purchase a replacement when the current one runs out.

On the flip note, the Tile Mate is quite compact, and you can easily attach it to anything you want owing to the hole that is located at the very top of the device. The range is above average; on paper, Tile claims that it has a range of up to 200 meters for its customers. A CR1632 battery powers it. This battery is reasonably priced, and the cost of a pack of four of them is less than ten dollars.

The fact that the Tile Mate has such a lightweight shell is one of its many benefits. It only weighs 6 grams, and due to its compact form factor, you can simply fit it inside the pockets of your jacket, wallet, and other bags. Lastly, the Tile application is compatible with mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android.

7. Tile Pro 1-pack. Powerful Bluetooth Tracker

Tile Pro 1-pack. Powerful Bluetooth Tracker

Tile offers one of the most sophisticated trackers available for use with Bluetooth technology. Tile has a number of different models, including the Tile Pro, the Tile Mate, and the Tile Slim. Only two types of Tile, the Tile Pro and the Tile Mate have been taken into consideration by our team when searching for the best AirTag alternative for Android. Tile Pro’s range of 400 feet and it’s more audible alarm alert are the primary reasons why it is recommended above Tile Mate. Other Bluetooth trackers do not have the capacity to operate at such a distance.

The greatest possible range enhances the likelihood that Tagged items will be easily located. If we are talking about the design, we can say that this tracker has a sturdy and portable design. You will be able to replace the battery within the Tile Pro, in addition to receiving a water-resistant feature and a battery life that is guaranteed to last for one year.

Because Tile Pro is more expensive compared to other Bluetooth trackers, it’s possible that not everyone will find this helpful. Additionally, suppose you want access to the majority of Tile’s features, such as location history, smart notifications, an extended warranty, SMS support, and more. In that case, you will need to pay for a premium subscription to Tile.

8. Tile Mate 1-Pack. Black. Bluetooth Tracker

Tile Mate 1-Pack. Black. Bluetooth Tracker

When we speak of Bluetooth trackers, Tile is one of the most outstanding manufacturers that comes to mind. Tile has a lot of great models available; we’ve already talked about the Tile Pro, and another one of their popular options is the Tile Mate. If you are seeking an alternative to AirTag for Android that is both affordable and superior, this model is the one you should go with.

Tile Mate makes use of Bluetooth low energy (BLE), also known as AirTag, to connect to your device. You get a maximum range of 250 feet, which is lower compared to the Tile Pro and other trackers, yet is still good and sufficient for most scenarios. The Tile app assists you in locating the tracker even when you are out of range of the device. The Tile Mate has a battery that is easily replaced and does not come at an exceptionally high cost.

9. Nutale Key Finder

Nutale Key Finder

The Nutale Key Finder is the device for you if you frequently have trouble locating your keys first thing in the morning, as its name suggests. These key finders are uncomplicated and do not weigh much. It is powered by a battery that can be swapped out, and each battery has a lifespan of approximately ten months.

You need to use a companion app in order to configure it, as is the case with most trackers. You also have the option to set it up so that it will ping you whenever the associated phone is no longer within range.

Users are pleased with the ease with which the Nutale key finder can be installed, according to the reviews that have been compiled so far. However, a few customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with the fact that the warning tone does not have the same level of volume as its competitors. In addition to that, the tracker has a tendency to disconnect frequently.

10. Pebblebee Clip | Rechargeable Item Tracker 

Pebblebee Clip | Rechargeable Item Tracker 

The Pebblebee Clip is the best option for you to go with if you are looking for a tracker that has a significant range. Because it has a Bluetooth range of up to 500 feet, it stands out from the other options and is, therefore, an excellent choice. It can detect goods even if they are further away thanks to its seamless integration with Apple Find My, which gives it access to the enormous Find My network. Also, what else? Additionally, it functions faultlessly with Android-based smartphones.

The battery in the Pebblebee Clip is rechargeable, and a single charge can extend its life for an impressively long period of up to six months. It interacts without a hitch with widely used smart home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for in your house.

The Pebblebee Clip is a fashionable accessory that also serves a practical purpose; it has a modern look, and it comes with a stainless steel keyring which makes it easy to attach to different objects. Its visibility is improved because of the bright LED lights, which make it simple to locate even when it is dark.

Additionally, it makes a piercing ringing sound that is around 90 decibels in volume, allowing you to locate your items quickly and effortlessly. Even though it can withstand the typical splashes and spills of ordinary life, you should still use caution while you are near water.

11. SwiftFinder Keys Finder

SwiftFinder Keys Finder

Consider purchasing this tracker for just 11 dollars, which has a Bluetooth range of as much as 140 feet, if you do not want long-distance tracking. It is compatible with iPhones as well as Android phones, and it comes with a number of similar features that you might expect to find on more expensive devices. 

The free app can record the location of your tracker for up to 30 days (this feature can be turned off at any time), display you on a map where you left something behind, and send out a separation alert to your phone to warn you that something has been forgotten. 

When activated by your phone, this Google AirTag tracker will produce a loud beep, and it may also be used to assist you in finding your phone by making it ring whenever the button located on the tracker is hit. Other trackers work in a similar manner. In addition to its use as a camera shutter, this gadget may also assist you in locating goods with the assistance of smart home assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.

12. Tracki GPS Tracker 

Tracki GPS Tracker

Consider purchasing this Tracki waterproof GPS tracker if you need a locator that can withstand the elements. In addition to being helpful in tracking bags, keys, and other items, it is ideal for use on bikes, cars, and different types of outdoor equipment. 

Tracki is compatible with mobile devices running iOS and Android and makes use of an app to monitor the location of the item in real time. You can even set up geo-fences to receive instant notifications whenever the tracker departs the designated area.

When you are trying to identify a specific item, the app will notify you with speeding alerts as well as SOS notifications, in addition to making the tracker emit a beeping sound. This gadget boasts an unlimited range and makes use of many types of data networks all over the world to provide extensive coverage. When indoors, it automatically switches to Wi-Fi as a backup for when it can’t connect to other data networks.

When using the real-time tracking feature, the battery life can last for up to five days, but it can last anywhere from 30 to 75 days when only monitoring a few times per day. There is a charge levied on a monthly basis for the use of the application; however, the cost might vary according to the plan that is selected (choices range from monthly, six months, one year, as well as two years with rising savings per month). 

In addition, it comes with a fantastic lifetime warranty and a rechargeable battery, which means that it can be the very last tracker you would ever need to buy.

13. ATUVOS 1 Pack Key Finder

ATUVOS 1 Pack Key Finder

Are you looking for a substitute for the AirTag that is less expensive? The ATUVOS Key Finder should be your first and only stop. It is fashionable and has a design that incorporates a hollow ring, which makes it simple for you to secure your keys. It links to the Find My app on an Apple device in a seamless manner and offers functionality that is comparable to that of the AirTag. Mark a piece of property as lost. You will be able to find it with the assistance of the network.

The ATUVOS Key Finder stands out from the competition thanks to its integrated NFC capability. Anyone who discovers your lost Tag will be able to view your details and get in touch with you as soon as possible if you include your contact information. In addition, the NFC Tag scan will notify the user right away about an update to the most recent real-time location that was found.

The ATUVOS Key Finder was designed with longevity in mind; it has a waterproof grade of IP67, which guarantees that it will perform reliably in a wide range of environments. With a Bluetooth range of as much as 400 feet plus a beeping sound ring that is 80 decibels, it is possible for you to locate your goods that are within the range immediately. 

You will be able to take advanTage of long-lasting performance thanks to the battery’s lifespan of up to a year before it will require replacing. In addition to that, the key finder is going to notify you before the battery has to be replaced.

14. Jiobit Gen 2 – GPS Tracker

Jiobit Gen 2 - GPS Tracker

The Jiobit tracker has a clip-on design, making it simple to attach it to bags, clothing, and other items. It also utilizes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, as well as 5G cellular data to give uninterrupted, real-time tracking (a function that is comparable to that of the AirTag’s Precision Finding feature). Separation notifications and location sharing are two other features offered by the gadget. 

It may be the most expensive tracker on the list. Nevertheless, it also boasts many of the easiest-to-use tracking capabilities. These features include the ability to set up a number of trusted locations and receive notifications when the user leaves or enters certain areas, in addition to a timeline of location history. 

The manufacturer claims that it is around the size of an Oreo cookie while claiming its battery life can last for seven to ten days. The battery may be recharged, and there is a panic button available for use in critical circumstances. It has a water-resistance grade of IPX8, which means it can be submerged in water up to five feet deep for up to thirty minutes at a time. 

Additionally, it is compatible with both iOS and Android-based mobile devices. Although using it requires a subscription, you have the option of selecting a plan that lasts for one month, six months, or two years. In addition, for your peace of mind, it is safe, encrypted, and COPPA-compliant, which ensures that the information you provide will remain private.


  1. Is it possible to use alternatives to AirTag with my iPhone?

Indeed, each of the trackers described previously is suitable for use with either iOS or Android.

2. Will users of Android receive a notification if an AirTag is tracking them?

Apple and Google have collaborated closely to develop a system that will alert Android users if another person has hidden an AirTag in their possessions.

3. How long does the battery on a tracker usually last?

Depending on the type of tracker you have, the battery contained within it may last anywhere from six months to a full year before it needs to be replaced.

4. Does AirTag come equipped with GPS?

No, AirTag does not come equipped with a GPS.

5. How far back can an AirTag’s history be retrieved?

When using the Ultra-Wideband frequency, AirTag may be monitored from a distance of 15 feet all the way down to inches.

6. Are AirTags resistant to water?

The water & dust resistance of the AirTags is rated at IP67. They do not have a completely waterproof design.

Top Considerations When Choosing an Alternative to AirTag?

Range: Many trackers, such as the AirTag, utilize a Bluetooth signal plus an app to help locate your item when it is within the range of Bluetooth, which is often no more than 400 feet. Bluetooth range is frequently measured in meters. 

Some trackers boast a handy community feature (similar to the “Find My” feature of the AirTag) which allows it to zero in on your item by leveraging Bluetooth signals from other users’ devices. This capability is beneficial when your item is out of range, and the tracker cannot locate it. 

It is private and safe, and it allows the application to show you the item’s most recent known position as well as send you an alert when it is found. However, if you want to monitor your possessions in real-time, a GPS tracker may be the better option for you. However, you should be aware that these devices typically have a higher one-time cost and necessitate a subscription.

Notifications: Some other useful features like separation notifications when you’ve left your possession behind, buttons on the trackers that assist you in finding your phone (something the AirTag doesn’t have), and connectivity with smart home devices. 

Compatibility: Make sure the device is appropriate for use with the operating system, model or make of your smartphone or other device and that it functions properly.

Design: Another aspect of the tracker that should be taken into consideration is its shape, dimensions, and innovation. It is necessary for you to search for a form factor that will be suitable for your requirements.

Tracking ecology: The effectiveness of the tracker can be roughly proportional to the size of the tracking ecosystem. Check to see if the tracker has user-friendly software or a platform that enables you to track your things quickly, set up notifications, and manage numerous devices at the same time. You may want to do this before purchasing the tracker.

Waterproofing: It is necessary to take into consideration the tracker’s level of waterproofing capabilities. You should look for a tracker that has a high water resistance rating if you plan on using it to monitor things like pets or other animals that may come into contact with water.

Battery: It is crucial to take into consideration the tracker’s battery life while making your purchase. If you select a tracker that has a battery life that is designed to last for an extended period of time, you will be able to monitor your items without having to worry about frequently replacing the battery.

Pricing: Bluetooth trackers are typically available at very reasonable prices. On the other hand, if you buy them in sets, you can save some savings. In addition, to make a decision that is in line with your financial plan, you should consider each alternative’s features, performance, and overall value.

The Final Remarks

In this fast-paced world, misplacing our possessions is a typical event that can easily be avoided. We went over how you couldn’t use AirTag devices on Android devices and how they were intended to be used, but we also went over some of the best AirTag alternatives for Android devices. 

Tile is a significant player in the market for tracking devices that are compatible with iOS and Android mobile smartphones. Nevertheless, they are not the only good ones out there; the houses of Chipolo and Nutale both have a few decent trackers among their ranks. 

The alternatives mentioned above to AirTag for Android are all top-notch options in their respective domains. You are free to choose any of the options above in order to keep track of your belongings easily.

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