Best PS4 Themes in 2022

15 Best PS4 Themes

Although the PlayStation 5 has taken the gaming world by storm, many gamers still stick with their former PS4 gaming consoles. And why not? When you can breathe a new life in your console with some aesthetic and cool PS4 themes.

While gaming consoles do not give much freedom to upgrade the hardware as PCs do, you can still customize your gaming experience with a new PS4 theme. Selecting a new UI for your PS4 is like choosing a wallpaper for your desktop or mobile screen and more.

Unlike the era of PS1 and PS2, when background interfaces weren’t a thing, the choices can be infinite today. From static abstract background wallpapers to dynamic animated UIs, there are a plethora of PS4 wallpapers you can use to flaunt your personality and preferences. Let’s introduce you to some of the best PS4 background themes that can revitalize the interface on your console.

The 15 Best PS4 Themes To Use In 2023

Our list includes paid and free PS4 themes, so make sure you check the premium status before shortlisting one for your console.

1. Red Dead Redemption II Dynamic Theme

Red Dead Redemption II Dynamic Theme

Despite its relatively recent launch, Red Dead Redemption 2 has made its way into the hot list of most gamers. Fan or not, you would love to experience the fierce aura this dynamic theme brings with it.

The pre-modern epic western touch of RDR 2 would amplify your UI best way possible, not to mention it’s completely free to use. The wallpaper comes with a bittersweet melody that replaces the standard PS4 music. When coupled with badass character portraits in the manuals and box art, the epic tone creates an intense feeling gamers yearn to have.

2. Firewatch Theme

Firewatch Theme

If you are all for picturesque digital art, the Firewatch theme cuts. And if you are enthusiastic about the Indie game, this Firewatch wallpaper deserves to be on your UI. The theme features an aesthetic digital art that portrays a setting sun beyond a scenic mountain range with foggy woods at the front.

The theme presents a peaceful setting of sunrise and sunset (depends upon how you look at it) that feels relaxing and unobtrusive at every glance. The scene is painted in red and black hues that don’t challenge your night gaming habits. However, the dynamic theme can be captivating with the soothing background sound if you stare at it for too long.

3. Black Ops 4 Launch Dynamic Theme

Black Ops 4 Launch Dynamic Theme

If you haven’t played it already, the Black Ops 4 would definitely be on your wishlist, whether you are a console gamer or PC guy. The entire Black Ops theme is so based on the actual game that your console feels no less than the game itself. Be it be the visuals or sounds, you will see a part of the game in every aspect of the theme.

Apart from displaying the game’s central characters, the theme produces the same sound effects whenever you hover over or click on an option. Most important of all, this cool PS4 theme is free to use. Meaning you only need to download and install it to get the experience.

4. The Last of Us Part 2 Ellie Theme

The Last of Us Part 2 Ellie Theme

The massive popularity of the Last of Us is no secret. Despite being released two months back, the game has generated 2.8 million sales in June. The PS4 theme depicts a sense of a dystopian world signified with the eerie music playing in the background.

The wallpaper portrays Ellie standing in the woods with a rifle that slightly changes as you hover to the top menu on your console. The icons at the UI are inspired by the actual menu of the game, producing the same metallic sound when you click an option. The theme is priced at 3 dollars which is insignificant compared to the love you feel for the game.

5. Uncharted 4 Thief’s End Shipwreck Theme

Uncharted 4 Thief's End Shipwreck Theme

Uncharted 4 is or has been every PS4 gamer’s go-to game at some point in life. The $2 Uncharted 4 Thief’s shipwreck theme is antiquity you’d love to see on your console’s user interface. On the contrary to what the name implies, the shipwreck theme is calming and pleasant to look at.

The wallpaper paints a picture of a wrecked sheep on the seabed with sun rays penetrating the clear ocean water. Moreover, the beautiful fish racing through the screen makes the scene more sight pleasing. Whether you’ve played the game or not, it is a view you’d never want to lay eyes off.

6. PlayStation 20th Anniversary Theme

PlayStation 20th Anniversary Theme

It may not appear that appealing, but for someone who’s been a die-hard fan of PlayStation since its’ launch in 2000, the PlayStation 20th anniversary theme would be nothing less than nostalgic. Moreover, it’s hard to lay hands on a free PS4 theme these days, but the anniversary theme definitely cuts.

The PlayStation Anniversary theme displays an image of Sony’s original console colored in light gray. From the menu options to background sound effects, the minutest details are inspired by the previous consoles that take you back in time.

7. Dark Souls 3 Transitory Land Theme

Unlike most game-based themes discussed so far, Dark Souls 3 Transitory Land takes a different approach towards its theme design. Instead of portraying the characters or scenes from the game itself, the Transitory land focuses on presenting an abstract but stylized visual in neutral colors.

This cool PS4 background features a weathered parchment rendered in black and white. You can also witness a knight as he wanders through the screen, creating a calming yet thought-provoking effect. The parliament-styled PS4 theme illustrates an illusion of medieval times that relates to the game’s theme.

8. BioShock: The Collection Theme

BioShock: The Collection Theme

One of the finest dynamic themes that the PS4 has to offer is by BioShock: The Collection, it truly deserves a spot on the list. The remastered collection of BioShock led to a boom in popularity despite the fact that the series was first introduced on the PS3 several years ago. BioShock has always been a master for establishing the stage for dystopian steampunk/horror shooters, plus their dynamic PS4 theme measures up to the level they’ve set for themselves.

The notorious and anxiety-inducing violin melody from the series is used as the background music. This sound is both tense and strangely beautiful at the same time. The user interface makes use of vintage, golden icons that, when cycled through, provide a gratifying snapping sound, similar to the sound made when a game’s heavy switch is toggled.

The animation that appears whenever you switch between the upper and lower menus is, without a doubt, the most striking feature. The lower menu depicts an empty theater located in the city of Rapture, which is located underwater. When you select the top option on the menu, a stinger transition will begin, during which the camera will pan upward through the ocean, past the lighthouse, and then into the skyscraper-filled city of Columbia.

9. Synthwave Night Drive Dynamic Theme

Synthwave Night Drive Dynamic Theme

The Synthwave Night Drive Dynamic Theme is consistently ranked as one of the most well-liked options available in the PlayStation Store. It has an intense 80s atmosphere that is guaranteed to get you thrilled, especially if you’re seeking the best PS4 themes, including music. If you’re searching for the finest PS4 themes with music, check out this one.

The music has an exciting and energizing vibe to it, the kind of vibe that wouldn’t be considered suitable in a training montage. The sound effect played whenever you move between the gold and chrome icons is similar to the swishing sound made when a karate chop is dubbed.

The background picture illustrates the well-known Miami Sun, with the shadows of black palm trees set against the brilliant colors of orange and purple. In addition, it has a quite understated but evocative animation that takes the form of a computer-generated grid that portrays a road inching its way forward.

10. Untitled Goose Game Theme

Untitled Goose Game Theme

Finding the finest free PS4 themes typically requires searching through a large number of themes that do not have any animation because the majority of the most enjoyable dynamic themes may run you anywhere from two to four dollars. Fortunately, the dynamic concept of Untitled Goose Game is an exception to the rule.

The geese that give the game its name may be seen in this theme perched atop a collection of goods that he has stolen, all of which are set against the game’s signature monochrome blue background. Instead of music, we are treated to birds singing in the background, much as one might anticipate hearing on a sunny spring day outside. As you scroll between the icons, you’ll hear a soft whooshing sound, similar to what you’d listen to if you swung a bat through the open air. 

The goose does nothing except stand there for the majority of the time, but as you go between the upper and bottom menus, you will begin to discover that he is clutching a variety of objects in his mouth, such as keys, a fork, and other things. Eventually, he just vanishes without a trace, and it isn’t until he decides to take a stroll in front of the camera that we see him again. 

11. Alien Laser Cat Dynamic Theme

Alien Laser Cat Dynamic Theme

The name of this track, “Alien Laser Cat Dynamic Theme,” most likely gives you a decent indication of what you may expect. The fact that our second theme was likewise composed by Somequest and incorporated classical synth-wave music shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to you. However, This time, some funk guitar is tossed in for good measure.

The icons are simple and white, and as you flip between them, they produce noises like the blasters from the video game Space Invaders.

However, let’s be honest: you purchase this theme for the enormous space cat. We’ve given him Captain Snowpuff, and he wears a plush white coat. When he opens his eyes, pink laser beams shoot up into the nothingness of space between his pupils. When you move to the upper menu, you will see the scene from a different perspective, with Captain Snowpuff aiming his lasers downward this time.

Because he is such a good boy, you should give him a lot of tummy rubs.

12. Transistor Theme

Bastion, a highly well-liked independent video game, helped establish Supergiant Games as a reputable developer and publisher of video games. Transistor was the company’s second release, and it contains all of the characteristics that gave the company its well-earned gaming cred, including incredible music, engaging gameplay, plus an art style that doesn’t shy away from color.

This theme makes use of the excellent audio that the game has. It is also quite attractive, which is going to be the thing that convinces most people to buy it, and it has a lot of potential. While you navigate between the upper and bottom menus, the cyber blueprint background alternates between a teal-green and red color scheme. This gives the appearance of a simple yet very clean design.

If you’d like a theme that looks and sounds excellent without being too intrusive to the user’s experience overall, this is the one you should get.

13. 4k Argos Galaxy Dynamic Theme

4k Argos Galaxy Dynamic Theme

The atmosphere of the spacescape seen in the 4k Argos Galaxy Dynamic Theme is eerie stillness. As you observe life on distant worlds from your perch in the orbit of a beautiful planet, you notice that debris is floating by. The tempo is relatively leisurely yet dramatic, and occasional loud drum beats cut through the atmosphere’s stillness.

The custom icons, inspired by science fiction, do not produce any noise as you navigate between them. This may represent the infamous lack of sound experienced in space. This concept is sure to garner support from fans of the Mass Effect, Stellaris, and Dead Space franchises.

14. The Lake of Blood Sakura HiQ Dynamic Theme

The Lake of Blood Sakura HiQ Dynamic Theme

The Blood Sakura Lake HiQ Dynamic Theme exudes an air of calm and serenity throughout its entirety. The backdrop is a breathtaking two-tone environment, and it features a stunning cherry blossom tree with petals the color of blood floating into a lake next to a moon that is the same color as the petals. 

The music and sound effects both contribute to the development of this traditional Japanese theme. It sounds like a shamisen is being used to play the music, and when you navigate across the white gradient icons, you can hear what appears to be bamboo being struck against something. Games with a similar tone, like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice or Ghost of Tsushima, will benefit significantly from the use of this subject.

15. Monster Hunter World Dynamic Theme: Nergigante

Monster Hunter World Dynamic Theme: Nergigante

Combating an Elder Dragon is not for those who are easily discouraged. Using one as the theme for your PlayStation 4 is a very cool idea, though. The Nergigante theme in Monster Hunter World depicts the monster itself menacingly glaring down at you from atop a mountain made of pink crystal while it stands atop the mountain.

The monster that weighs a hundred tons is heavily breathing in the background, yet the song itself is an orchestral melody that exudes a sense of serenity and calmness. The icons have the appearance of polished metal, and when one is clicked on, a mystical ping sound can be heard.

When you switch between menus, the camera zooms right up to the Nergigante’s face, bringing you a significant step closer to its enormous, yellow fangs.

Bottom Line

As for someone who still hasn’t gotten the best out of their console but wants to uplift the mood of the UI, a new PS4 theme can fulfill the need. The blog describes the 15 best and cool PS4 themes any gamer would prefer over the default UI.

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