Fortnite Returning to its Roots 

Fortnite Returning to its Roots 

A brand-new gameplay clip for Fortnite has been released, showing the gear, skins, and locales that players may anticipate in the next season. Fortnite is now among the most popular games in the world, having only launched in 2017. The game has changed a lot over the years, but the upcoming season will see a return to its core components.

Although the conclusion date of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 is still unknown, it is expected to begin on November 3. Rewind is the central topic of the upcoming season, which is appropriately dubbed the “OG Season.” As such, players will see the resurgence of the Chapter 1 treasure pool and map, along with the inclusion of contemporary features such as mantling and running. 

Players may now enjoy an alluring sneak peek at what’s in store thanks to Epic Games. The most recent trailer for Season 5 of Fortnite features the return of a number of weapons, vehicles, and Points of Interest (POIs) for players. The resurgence of vintage weaponry like the Heavy Assault Rifle, Minigun, Hand Cannon, Grappler, and Clinger is highlighted in the video. Fans of Fortnite vehicles will be happy to learn that vehicles like the All Terrain Kart, Quadcrasher, Pirate Cannon, Drift Board, airplanes, and Baller will all be returning in the trailer. 

Players will also be familiar with famous spots from Chapter 1, such as Dusty Divot, Retail Row, Loot Lake, Wailing Woods, Risky Reels, and Lazy Links. The trailer showcases Lonely Lodge, Flush Factory, and the well-known Tilted Towers from Fortnite’s Chapter 1 map as additional returning points of interest. Interestingly, the trailer also hints at the Cube’s comeback—a.k.a. “Kevin” to Fortnite players.

Through the battle pass, gamers will be able to earn cosmetics in the forthcoming Fortnite OG Season. The combat pass for the upcoming season has also been exposed via leaks, which indicate that it will include 70 levels and keep the battle star system for prizes. Furthermore, hints of an intriguing new crossover have surfaced, with Stranger Things arriving on Fortnite during the original season.

Regarding Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 5, Epic Games has remained largely silent, but the update is due to drop. Players can expect both new and nostalgic experiences since the Chapter 1 map, vintage artifacts, and contemporary mechanics are likely to be returned. The Fortnite fanbase is also curious to find out how the game’s developing story may be impacted by the OG Season.

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