Leaks Show Exactly What the Google Pixel Fold Will Look Like and Its Specs

Leaks Show Exactly What the Google Pixel Fold Will Look Like and Its Specs

The Google Pixel Fold has been in the works for quite some time. It was first revealed that the Pixel Fold would be revealed alongside the Pixel 6 in late 2021 and then again with the Pixel 7 in 2022. However, it seems very likely that this foldable phone will arrive in 2023. The official name is unknown as some sources have reported it as the Pixel Fold and some as the Pixel Notepad. 

There are relatively prominent sources that have begun leaking the design renders of the device, which suggests that Google has moved beyond the prototype phase. Since the phone’s design is finalized, Google will most likely be preparing to launch it very soon. 

Internally, Google has been using the name Pixel Fold for this device, but it is likely that this name may not appear on the box. Due to the popularity of the Samsung Z Fold devices, Google may want to make its phones appear different to avoid comparison. After debating between Logbook and Notepad, the company finally settled on Notepad.

Two separate design leaks have given the customers a clear impression of what the phone will look like. From the front, when unfolded, the Google pixel Notepad will most likely have a square-ish look, just like the OPPO Find N. This means it will be wider than the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The camera module on the back will be very similar to the Pixel 7 Pro, but due to the width, it will look much more like a phablet than a phone. 

Leaked renders from the Frontpage tech show that the inner display will have a noticeable top and bottom bezel. Still, the cover display is what benefits most from the wider design. The renders suggest that it will be much larger than the narrow outer display seen on the Z Fold 4.

In terms of specs, it depends on when the device gets released. If Google decides to release it in early 2023, the phone will likely be shipped with the Tensor G2 chip. On the other hand, if Google delays the launch to late 2023, it will most likely use the Tensor G3 chip. Given the premium price tag of this phone, customers can expect the Notepad to have 12GB of RAM. Combined with the Tensor G2, the performance of this phone will be on par with some of the best Android phones on the market.

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