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Google Pixel 8 – A Major Camera Sensor Upgrade?

Only weeks after the release of the Google Pixel 7, rumors about the next flagship phone from Google have begun. According to these rumors, the biggest change customers will see is the cameras. Google’s current method for capturing HDR shots is by using a series of short exposures. This leads to longer processing time on the Pixel, which can result in blurry photos. To overcome this problem, Google may be shifting things around with its new flagship.

These leaks come from developer Kuba Wojciechowski, who states that the Google Pixel 8 may have support for staggered HDR. This new kind of sensor was released alongside Samsung’s ISOCELL GN2 last year and promised images with rich detail and vivid colors.

When the new sensor was announced, Samsung explained that the staggered HDR helps increase the dynamic range when photos are taken in a mixed-light environment. The technology uses rolling shutters that run over the same pixel array to capture multiple frames in varying exposures, including short, middle, and long. While modern image sensors are designed to capture just one image, a staggered HDR simultaneously captures three scene images. This allows it to preserve detail in dark and bright areas. 

The resulting picture with staggered HDR usually has a stunning dynamic range. It is also energy efficient, as Samsung noted that it could cut the energy consumption of the sensor by 24% when compared to the Samsung GN1 and its real-time HDR mode. Therefore, GN2 is much more advanced than its predecessor and supports staggered HDR. 

If the rumor proves true, Pixel Series 8 will see a huge camera upgrade. The leaker also noted that the staggered HDR will allow the user to achieve the same effect as regular HDR but will greatly reduce the capture time. Thus, the new technology will be faster and produce sharper images. 

Another way that Samsung can improve images captured by the phone is through improved auto-focusing through Samsung’s Dual Pixel Pro technology. The company can also employ Smart ISO Pro to produce more vibrant images.   

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