SwifDoo AI Review 

SwifDoo AI Review 

ChatGPT has been a game changer for the online world of words, but its launch has opened doors for so many software, allowing them to optimize their user experience. Now, we all have had a chance to work with PDFs, whether it’s your school textbook, a financial analysis of a potential client, or the by-laws of a firm that just hired you. The words may seem fine at first, but remembering some points can be tasking for the brain, especially with the amount of tasks that you have to do on a daily basis. 

That’s when SwifDoo AI comes in handy! The feature is created for those who need a quick summary, analyze data, explain different key points, translate accurately, and proofread documents. The features and the software ensure a smooth and steady experience for the people using it. But before you download and start working, take a look at the review we have here for you. It’ll help you understand the software’s capacity so you can use it for your documents! 

About Swifdoo AI

About Swifdoo AI

SwifDoo AI is an efficient AI assistant that will help you seamlessly manage and carry out all the tasks related to PDFs. The AI chatbot comes with two different modes:

  1. Analyse PDF Feature: This feature allows you to extract all the important information from the PDF and highlight the key factors. 
  2. AI Chat Feature: Through this feature, you can ask multiple questions in the text box, and then the AI tool will provide respective answers. You can view your PDF and rewrite, translate, proofread, and summarise it efficiently. 

Swifdoo AI is currently available on Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and XP.  Users working on the Free Plan can use up to 10 MB of PDF data with ten pages free of cost. Meanwhile, those with the Pro Plan can use a file with a size of 1 GB and approximately 100 pages. 

Explore the Capabilities of the Swifdoo AI Tool

SwifDoo is powered by GPT 4.0 and can answer all your questions on multiple subjects. You can use it for recommendations as well as detailed answers and guidelines. Take a look into the features offered by the SwifDoo AI tool:

1. Translating your PDFs: 

Translating your PDFs:

This is the perfect tool to translate all your PDF documents. This means that through Swifdoo AI, you can get translations from all the major languages. Communicate swiftly and seamlessly and learn what your clients or partners are specifying. 

2. Summarizing your PDFs

For PDFs that are quite lengthy, this feature is quite helpful because it allows users to extract important points and data to help them save time. This is perfect for students and people who have to analyze a lot of data on a daily basis. 

3. Explain your PDFs

Explain your PDFs

Another useful feature offered by the Swifdoo AI tool is this explaining feature. It reads all your reports, elaborates on difficult concepts, and converts data into wordings to make it easier for you to understand. 

4. Analyze your PDFs 

Analyze your PDFs

This feature allows users to extract information correctly from the PDF. It will highlight and provide you with the lines that are highly important and readily provide them. 

5. Proofreading your PDFs

Proofreading your PDFs

Improvise and enhance your PDFs through the Swifdoo AI tool to correct grammatical issues, spelling, and formatting problems. 

6. Rewriting your PDFs

Rewriting your PDFs

This feature is perfect for articles, blogs, and other written projects, allowing you to rephrase the text for clarity and improved manners. 

Navigate Through the SwifDoo AI Tool

The following are the two methods through which you can get access to the SwifDoo AI and use the features it offers:

Through the AI Side Panel

  1. Start by opening your PDF file using the SwifDoo PDF software. 
  2. Now click on the SwifDoo AI button, which is available on the Home tab. 
  3. Upon clicking, the AI side panel is then activated, allowing users to use the features it offers. 

Through the Floating Toolbar:

  1. Start by selecting content within your PDF that you wish to make changes to. 
  2. Now click on the SwifDoo AI, which is in the floating toolbar. 
  3. Select the feature that you would like to use from the toolbar. It will automatically open up, and then you can use it on your PDF files. 

Pricing Plan

If you’re looking to purchase the Swifdoo AI, here’s a sneak peek into the pricing plan. They offer two versions, the Free Plan and the Pro Plan.

Specifics Swifdoo AI -Free Plan Swifdoo AI – Pro Plan
Questions 101000/month
PDF Pages 10/Pdf 100/Pdf 
PDF Size 10MB/ Pdf 1GB/Pdf 
PDF Files 100/month
Summarise, Explain, Translate, Rewrite, Proofread, Proofread Yes Yes 
Price None – $0 $7.9/month


  1. Is SwifDoo PDF free?

The Swifdoo PDF software is free to download for users from the website. While it has a free basic plan allowing you to use the features, you might have to pay a small amount to subscribe for advanced features. 

  1. Is there an AI that can read PDFs?

Yes, there are AIs that can read PDFs with the advanced technology they are built with. Using multiple languages and machine learning, they are created to comprehend PDFs. These AI tools offered different functionalities, such as summarising, extracting key points, and answering FAQs. 

  1. Is SwifDoo AI free?

The downloading procedure is free of cost, but to avail of the features for a larger PDF size, you will have to pay for the Pro Plan. 

Final Verdict 

So, if you work a lot with PDFs on a routine basis, it’s high time you tested out the Basic Plan and then invested in the Pro Plan. The SwifDoo AI is a versatile tool offering a promising experience and a chance to work smartly during your day. Use the top features and the ChatBot to get answers and modify your PDFs! Our testing shows that the feature can be useful and help you make the most when working with different PDFs. Try it out now and see for yourself.

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