Apex Legends Gears Up for a Massive Limited Time Event

Apex Legends Gears Up for a Massive Limited Time Event

Another big addition to its already incredible repertoire, Apex Legends has revealed a new, comprehensive limited-time event. Players of the battle royale game, which is well-known for its lucrative events like Post Malone’s Three Strikes, are excited about the possibility of turning these into permanent game modes.

Apex Legends revealed “Kill Code,” a four-part series that dives into the mythology as the Legends try to destroy Kaleb Cross’ head to prevent Duardo Silva from creating lethal Revenant simulacrum bots. This story turn is meant to let Revenant take charge of his fate and achieve the death he had long desired. As “Kill Code” came to a finish, Revenant killed Duardo and let the bots loose, setting up an exciting escape room for the Legends.

The “Kill Code” cinematic story is a prelude to Apex Legends’ next limited-time mode (LTM), Revenant Uprising, which launches on December 5. With 30 players starting as members of the Revenant Army under the command of a Red-Eyed Revenant, this 30v30 battle offers a novel dynamic. The goal is to combat the Revenant swarm with ten squads of three players each from the opposing 30 players. Players join the Revenant Army after being eliminated from their squad, which makes things more difficult for the survivors who are left. The goal is to escape the lethal assassin bots and destroy the whole Revenant Army.

Apex Legends is preparing to release a Prestige Loba Skin, a set of brand-new Legendary Skins, and weekly rewards as part of the Uprising Collection Event, in addition to the Revenant Uprising limited-time mode (LTM). Online players who are excited about the event have expressed their enthusiasm to participate in the Revenant Uprising LTM and attempt to obtain the Prestige Loba Skin. The event is set to run until January 2, 2024. Notable netizens have complimented Apex Legends for releasing great LTMs in each of the last few releases.

The Revenant Uprising LTM is expected to be a chaotic and large-scale experience that will likely result in amusing videos and possibly turn into a fan favorite. The Legends’ pre-Apex Games lives are revealed through this storytelling technique, which also acts as a platform for teasing future maps like Broken Moon, weapon introductions, time-limited event showcases, and character reworks. The story format of the game has been quite successful in creating a loyal player base that is interested in the characters’ developing backstories.

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