Disney Illusion Island Free Updates Coming Soon

Disney Illusion Island Free Updates Coming Soon

Disney Illusion Island is a side-scrolling game in the style of Metroidvania that was first published on July 28 as a Switch exclusive by Dlala Studios. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy embark on a picnic on Monoth Island, only to find out later that the gathering was a ploy planned by the island’s chief. Seeking their aid in retrieving three stolen volumes, the four heroes set out on an unbelievable two-dimensional journey to replenish the lost knowledge of Monoth Island.

The Disney Illusion Island developer, Dlala Studios, is launching the Keeper Up upgrade, which includes new challenges chosen by the Mavens of Monoth. Dlala refers to these Mavens as “seasoned Monoth enthusiasts.” They put players to the test with time-based challenges that pit their island knowledge against that of the seasoned pros. Time trials in which players must quickly gather things and cross the finish line in the least amount of time take place in redesigned versions of several island locales.

Aside from the additional difficulties, Disney Illusion Island will get several improvements to its quality of life, such as the addition of new accessibility features. Additional gallery unlocks will also be revealed in the game, and Keeper Up will alter the map, though Dlala has not yet revealed all the specifics in the patch notes of the update.

Reviewers praised Disney Illusion Island for capturing the charm of its setting and characters, while Dlala Studios voiced their unwavering respect for the Disney brand before the platform game’s release. The animation and clever writing both have this charm, which is apparent and leads to positive parallels with real Disney films. Because each character has unique skills, the gameplay is more varied and players have more tools at their disposal to explore the globe. Disney Illusion Island is a compelling 2D platformer even without any fighting.

Unfortunately, Disney Illusion Island hasn’t received universal acclaim despite being acknowledged as one of the best platformers of 2023. Although several Nintendo-oriented magazines gave it favorable reviews, other reviewers considered it to be an unpleasant game, with the complexity of the game becoming a major point of disagreement for some players. Although a lot of people think Disney Illusion Island is a great game for families, more experienced players might think it’s too easy. Thus, the addition of time trials in the Keeper Up update may provide gamers looking for a more difficult experience an additional degree of difficulty.

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