Skyrim Glitch Replaces an NPC’s Head with a Horse Head

Skyrim Glitch Replaces an NPC’s Head with a Horse Head

An unexpected issue that occurred during gameplay was recently discovered by an online Skyrim aficionado. During the game’s opening cinematic, Hadvar is seen sporting a horse’s head for no apparent reason. Although individuals playing Skyrim are used to strange visual occurrences, this one is one of the creepiest.

Glitches are a natural part of the Skyrim experience in the world of Bethesda games. Thankfully, most of these bugs no longer seriously interfere with gameplay, thus many gamers find humor in how ridiculous they are. For example, a recent problem caused players to lose both arms after finishing a task, which was an odd sight to witness. Considering the size of Skyrim, it is unlikely that all of its bugs have been found, even over ten years after the game’s initial release.

Leavemyside, a Reddit user, posted about this particular glitch while playing through Skyrim’s well-known beta. Rather than what they had anticipated—a conflict with the Imperial Hadvar—they were greeted with the incredibly strange sight of a gigantic horse’s head. Many participants in the conversation that followed couldn’t resist making comparisons between the problem and the television program Bojack Horseman, and the connections are rather obvious. These humorous moments highlight why Skyrim is still regarded as one of the best open-world games ever made.

This entertaining Skyrim bug’s precise cause is yet unknown. It seems unlikely that Hadvar purposefully included a horse’s head in the creation of his character model. Rather, it is more likely that this oddity is caused by a clipping fault, which occurs when the NPC’s and the horse model’s positions overlap. The illusion that Hadvar had turned into a horse is then produced by the fixed camera perspective, which is a rather strange event even by Bethesda’s hilarious quirks.

As users keep finding hilarious new flaws in Skyrim, there is still a lot of anticipation for information regarding The Elder Scrolls 6. There is a lot of speculation about the contents of this next game, but whatever the truth is, it is still one of the most highly anticipated role-playing games coming out soon. When The Elder Scrolls 6 finally releases, not even the people who weren’t thrilled with Bethesda’s last game, Starfield, will be able to resist the chance to play it, especially after such a long wait of more than ten years. Skyrim’s ongoing appeal is evidence of Bethesda’s skill in game design, and fans are hoping that any prospective sequel would live up to the high standards set by its predecessor.

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