Additional Rumors About the OnePlus Fold – When and Where Will It Launch?

Additional Rumors About the OnePlus Fold – When and Where Will It Launch?

OnePlus seems to be preparing to launch its first-ever foldable phone in a few months. Despite the launch being so close, rumors about the device have not stopped. A leak suggests providing new details about OnePlus’s plans for the launch event and the availability of the new phone.

According to the information received from Pricebaba and tipster Yogesh Brar, the OnePlus Fold is set to be unveiled in the first half of August. Although this has yet to be confirmed, the leak lines up with other reports claiming the device would debut in the same month.

The rumored launch window is interesting as the device could likely be released in the same time frame that Samsung has picked to unveil its new foldable phones. However, since both parties have not confirmed their release date, whether or not OnePlus will steal Samsung’s spotlight is yet to be determined. The OnePlus Fold is set to be one of the company’s first challengers to the leading foldable phones on the market. Many of these belong to Samsung.

According to the tipster, OnePlus will hold an event in New York, where the foldable devices will be unveiled alongside other launch venues in markets where the phone is set to be released. There is also a chance that OnePlus Fold could release globally, with the US and India being its primary markets.

This would be an interesting decision as Oppo, which is its parent company, did not release its first foldable phone globally outside of China. However, there was speculation that Oppo may be releasing its Oppo Find N3 globally.

The release of an Oppo Find N3 is not outside the realm of possibilities. Pricebaba claims that the OnePlus Fold is a rehashed version of Oppo’s upcoming Find N3. The latter is supposed to launch in China in August. If this is true, it won’t come as a massive surprise to consumers, given the amalgamation of both brands’ R&D teams in 2021. 

With OnePlus set to release a foldable smartphone, there may soon be another addition to a new and rapidly growing market of flip and foldable phones.

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