Leaker Unveils Updates Regarding 3 Xbox Exclusive Games

Leaker Unveils Updates Regarding 3 Xbox Exclusive Games

The highly awaited Fable revival, the unnamed next game from id Software, and the rumored new Banjo-Kazooie installment are the three upcoming Xbox games that Nate the Hate, also known as NateDrake on Resetera, has released updates on. Xbox has expressed concern about leaks, leading to rumors that the company may release some of its best-selling titles on several platforms.

A special Business Update event was arranged by Xbox executives in response to these multi-platform rumors. It was made clear throughout the event that Xbox plans to release games across other platforms selectively, with an emphasis on titles that have already reached their full potential on Xbox. With the intention of perhaps growing each franchise, the business intends to release these titles on other platforms. Xbox declined to disclose the names of the four games, even though they acknowledged that they will be available on several platforms. Pentiment, Sea of Thieves, Grounded, and Hi-Fi Rush, however, may be among the four titles undergoing the change, according to speculation.

Xbox is still releasing highly anticipated console exclusives alongside games that are available on other platforms. Recently, leaker NateDrake revealed details about a few of the next Xbox exclusives. The rumored Banjo-Kazooie game is currently undergoing a major reworking in relation to its initial concept and scope. Furthermore, there’s a “very strong chance” that the next game from id Software will be revealed this year. NateDrake stated that the most recent estimate for the Fable reboot’s anticipated release date is 2025.

NateDrake was asked about State of Decay 3 during that same conversation. Although State of Decay 3 was one of the first games on the Xbox Series X to be announced, not much has been known about it since. Unfortunately, fans will continue to wait for additional information regarding State of Decay 3, as NateDrake claimed to know nothing about that particular project.

Nate has a solid reputation for providing trustworthy information through leaks, yet they have occasionally published inaccurate material as have all leakers and insiders. One such example was their first announcement—later withdrawn—that Starfield would be coming to PS5. The formal confirmation of Starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle remaining exclusive to Xbox consoles came through the Xbox Business Update.

Over time, it will become clear whether or not the information about impending Xbox console-exclusive titles is accurate. More information will be revealed at the yearly Xbox summer showcase, which is scheduled for June of this year.

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