Samsung's Budget Phone Is Still on the Way, but Not Everywhere

Samsung’s Budget Phone Is Still on the Way, but Not Everywhere

Samsung’s next Fan Edition phone has been a great mystery for customers. Samsung has managed to uphold a tradition of releasing cheaper versions of their flagship phones called Fan Edition, but since they did not release one for their phone last year, many considered it was Samsung’s way of discontinuing the series. However, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Fan Edition may be in the works. It may come sooner or later, depending on your location. 

According to information leaked by SamMobile, the upcoming Galaxy S23 FE will launch in Q3 2023 in select markets, and a larger launch is scheduled for Q4 2023. Some might even get the phone as late as Q1 2023. It is not clear which markets are included in the earlier launch and in the later launch. Not much is known about the device either, but the potential Q4 launch corroborates some of the past rumors. In April, news started circulating that the phone would launch in the year’s final stretch and that it may forgo Qualcomm’s chip.

The chip change comes as a surprise to many as many of the other Galaxy S23 series phones contain the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, specifically fine-tuned for the Galaxy phones. The company seems to have shifted its gears and is now looking to opt for the Exynos chip. Rumors suggest that the Exynos 2200 CPY will be used instead. This switch also suggests that US consumers may have to deal with the Exynos chip as they previously only got Samsungs with Snapdragon SoCs.

It is safe to assume that Samsung will first release the Fan Edition in its home ground, South Korea. This is also corroborated by the fact that a few days ago, the alleged Galaxy S23 FE’s battery also appeared for certification in South Korea. The alleged battery bore the model number EB-BS711ABY, attached to the model number of the Fan Edition model: SM-S711. However, the certification did not reveal any information regarding the size of the battery and its wireless capabilities. 

Some information regarding the cameras has also surfaced. The FE model is expected to have the same 50 MP primary shooter as the Galaxy S23. Nothing else is known about the array as of now. 

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