Palworld Ready to Combat Cheating

Palworld Ready to Combat Cheating

Pocketpair has disclosed a few initial details about how it plans to deal with cheaters in Palworld, including a number of verified countermeasures. While some of these recently stated actions will be put into effect in the next weeks, others are still being worked on and will eventually be integrated into the Palworld system.

Palworld’s multiplayer modes encountered a major obstacle in the first few weeks after its mid-January launch: the game’s online infrastructure was unable to handle the massive surge of players. As Pocketpair dealt with and resolved this problem—mostly by giving Palworld’s hosting company more resources—a new problem surfaced: the growing problem of cheating.

The Japanese studio stressed their zero-tolerance stance for fraudulent operations and denounced Palworld cheaters on Twitter on February 16. The developer responded by outlining several countermeasures, the first of which was the addition of a “player list function.” In order to expedite the granting of bans and discourage repeated violations, this tool attempts to keep an eye on cheats on specific servers. A Palworld update that is expected to be released in late February will incorporate this functionality, according to Pocketpair.

Additionally, the developer has stated that they intend to put in place an “external” system that is particularly made to recognize and prevent cheating and other common fraudulent acts. Hackers have reportedly been seen to remove characters or intentionally change inventories by adding unwanted things. Additionally, reports have surfaced of malicious actors using forged Steam IDs to get access to public Palworld servers hosting pirated game copies by stealing and overwriting player save data. It looks like Pocketpair is determined to fix these problems by implementing an outside system as part of its continuous efforts to uphold fair gameplay.

It has been highlighted by Pocketpair that the upcoming anti-cheat methods would be optional for single-player, cooperative, and dedicated Palworld servers. This guarantees that the plans won’t obstruct those who want to change their game on their own or with pals. Only actions that negatively impact the multiplayer experience on the official servers are being addressed.

Furthermore, the company has guaranteed that it will keep an eye out for different types of cheating every day. This implies that more safeguards against dishonest behavior might be added in the future. Since all data authorization activity was initially assigned to the client, Palworld’s launch occurred without strong anti-cheating procedures, which is the source of the current scenario Pocketpair is handling.

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