Suicide Squad - Kill the Justice League Update Coming Soon

Suicide Squad – Kill the Justice League Update Coming Soon

In order to fix a Burn-related problem that some players have been using to interfere with the game, Rocksteady Studios revealed the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League update. The patch will implement a number of additional modifications in addition to resolving this issue. Rocksteady Studios acknowledged that Burn builds will be nerfed, but they also praised the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League community for finding and taking advantage of the game-breaking flaw soon after it was released.

While the new Suicide Squad game first encountered difficulties with the magnitude of the PC audience, a method that takes advantage of a wholly broken component has already surfaced online. According to Rocksteady on the shooter’s official Discord channel, this tactic is centered around Burn builds and makes use of a glitch in the core status effect that enables its damage to escalate significantly beyond the planned balance for the game’s debut. This will be fixed in the next Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League update, which will make higher Mastery Levels much harder for Burn builds.

As part of their announcement, Rocksteady said that it will “applaud” players for “breaking the game,” pointing out that some players had achieved extraordinary Mastery Levels with their broken Burn builds, which will be celebrated. A new leaderboard for players in the post-Burn-nerf era will also be added in the upcoming update, which assumes that all Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Afflictions will work as planned.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will soon receive a patch that includes more changes meant to balance out the shooter’s endgame content. To improve the late-game experience, Rocksteady plans to lessen the aggressive escalation of enemy health past Mastery Level 50. At the same time, The Turtle’s Shell and The Heat Wave’s Molten Skin will be nerfed because the game’s creator found that they made the game too simple to play. 

Although the precise release date of the update is still unknown, Darroch Brown, the Rocksteady Community Manager, has stated that internal testing for the patch began on February 8 and that it will likely be released “soon.” The developer has more in store for its live-service shooter than just these fixes. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League may have a lot of content in Season 1, according to a new leak.

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