Apple is Updating Sounds iOS 16

Apple is Updating a Few Sounds in The New iOS 16

With every new iOS, Apple switches things up. With the new iOS 16, Apple users will have a lot of new features to play around with, including editing iMessages and customizing Lock Screens. Copying text from the video, etc. However, alongside these significant changes, Apple has also made subtle changes, such as changing some of the iPhone’s sounds. 

While using the betas, if you go to Find My App and choose the play sound option for a device running on iOS 16, or iPadOS 16, the sound played on the device will sound like an electronic xylophone. Previously, on iOS 15, it played a pinging sound.

This change was also applied when you asked your Apple Watch to ping your phone for you. The sound also plays just once; previously, it used to play repeatedly until you found your phone. The sound is generally high-pitched, which may be easier to hear. 

Another sound change found on the betas was the Siri activation sound. Generally, Siri has a classic two-note activation beep, but now that has been replaced with a softer bong. This sound is much less attention-grabbing than the previous one and may make it difficult to know whether or not Siri is actually listening.

This new sound may not be as big of an issue as you can always check your phone, but it does matter when you are driving and want to activate Siri because, in that situation, you cannot pick up your phone to check. Furthermore, it decreases the efficiency of Siri overall if one has to check whether or not it is listening. 

Although these changes may seem minute, Apple constantly changes small features with a purpose. The Find My App sound removes the beeping sound with a slightly extended sound, which is much more pleasant to listen to. Furthermore, Siri’s activation sound is also much softer, making it sound smoother than usual. 

These changes will come alongside much more significant changes in iOS 16. However, they are not set in stone, and with the upcoming betas, the sounds may change again. 

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