Xiaomi Reveals its brand new MIUI 14

Xiaomi Reveals its brand new MIUI 14

Since Android 13’s release, many manufacturers have used it to create their own software update version. Xiaomi is late to the game, but it has recently announced its latest version of the MIUI. This update has been introduced in China, and phones under the company can expect to receive the update from January 2023.

At first glance, the MIUI 14 does not look too different from the MIUI 13 released last year as the company decided to retain the design aesthetic introduced last year. Instead, Xiaomi upgraded the system architecture and rolled out several optimizations. This will allow the MIUI to run much faster and smoother. Additionally, it will also use fewer resources than its predecessors.

Xiaomi reports that the MIUI 14 will use almost 23% less storage than its predecessor. Although this may not seem like a huge deal, it will make a lot of difference on the more budget phones. Like previous updates, the MIUI 14 update is aimed at the Chinese market, and the global build of the update is expected to come later.

The MIUI 14 is essentially a continuation of Xiaomi’s previous efforts to optimize the interface and make it more fluid. This version uses less memory and consumes less storage. According to reports, it is 60% more fluid when compared to the MIUI 13 on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. The company will also allow users to delete MIUI system utilities. In the new version, only 8 apps cannot be uninstalled. These include Settings, Phone, Mi App Store, Browser, Camera, Contacts, Messages, and Files. 

The MIUI 14 will also automatically compress the file size for services you don’t often use, so you can free up some storage. Another interesting feature within the MIUI is the ability of the user to disable persistent notifications easily. For many MIUI users, this has been a constant annoyance, and the MIUI 14 will make it extremely simple to dismiss such persistent notifications.

Although the list of devices that this new update will be released on yet, some speculations suggest that only the best Xiaomi phones get three platform updates. By that rule, the Xiaomi 10T series, 11T series, and the Xiaomi 12 series, including the Xiaomi 12 Pro, will be receiving updates. The first devices to receive them will most likely be the Xiaomi 12S Ultra and the Mix Fold 2.

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