Google updates Street View camera and adds new features for Android

Google Updates Street View Camera and Adds New Features for Android

Street View by Google Maps is an incredibly useful tool that allows users to visit locations and gain more information about places before visiting them. As Street View will be turning 15 years old, Google allowed its users a preview of the new Street View camera. Furthermore, Google is also launching a new feature for Android and iOS devices in celebration. 

The new Google Street View camera is a much more condensed version of the massive rigs attached to its fleets of cars. Google has managed to condense camera size while still maintaining all the features. 

Now, the Google Street View camera will look like an adorable little robot. This shrunken robot is much lighter as it only weighs 15 pounds. The new form factor will allow Google to access more places than before. 

The upgraded camera system is modular and allows Google to add or take away certain modules as they see fit. It can also be attached to any car as it does not need any specialized equipment to be attached to a car. 

Google plans to release this camera next year so that areas, that were previously inaccessible, like remote islands, jungles, and mountain tops can become more accessible. 

In addition to the camera, Google has released a historical view for mobile phones. Using this feature, users can go back in time and see how the area has changed over time. To access this feature, all the user has to do is tap on the image of the location they wish to see. Street View will pull up details, and by selecting the see more dates, they can view images of that location that date back to 2007.

Google Maps is also planning on changing the design of a few icons, such as the navigation icon. 

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