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Steps to Create a High-quality Custom e-learning Course

Every organization does not want to adopt a pre-designed LMS. Some want to customize and create their own version of LMS. Customized eLearning platforms facilitate learning according to the needs and expectations of your organization at your convenience. Custom eLearning offers you a more personalized learning experience than an LMS with a rigid structure.

LMSs like 360Learning offer you the opportunity to customize your own course or content and deliver it to your employees. Let us further proceed to see how one can improve the quality and effectiveness of a customized eLearning program.

1. Using an outcome-oriented approach to Design and Develop Learning Solutions

If you want your eLearning program to be fruitful, then you must focus on developing a course around the outcome you expect. Most of the learning programs are based on the phenomenon of how the user will respond to your course and how they will act with it, when in fact, you must focus on the outcome you want your LMS to deliver. 

When you design your learning program around the outcome, you expect, and what you want to deliver, you will automatically get a perfectly designed program.

2. Creating Personalized Learning Programs

Creating Personalized Learning Programs

For any organization using LMS it can be exhausting to increase the participation of their employees, but having diverse employees belonging to different locations and different experiences, becomes a little difficult. 

In such cases developing a personalized eLearning program becomes important. Creating personalized programs for different employees who have different levels of experience improves the quality of work and increases the participation of the employees.

3. Selection of Right Tools

Having engaging content is not enough, to deliver the content and increase the engagement of employees, how you deliver the content is also important. Learning management systems offer different tools and features such as data storage, assessment creation, and management, advanced analytics, etc. 

These tools may prove to be helpful when you are focusing on a custom eLearning process. You can also track your employees’ participation rate and optimize your eLearning program for those employees with higher engagement rates.

4. Use Blended Learning

Use Blended Learning

The best way to increase your employees’ engagement is to integrate different training methods into your learning program. Consider using story-telling, and hypothetical-based learning; games blending with videos, visuals, quizzes, etc., can help you build interactive content.

 Using high-quality elements can increase the engagement of your employees with the learning program and may even motivate them to increase their efficiency. You can also use tools such as AR, VR, and MR to make your content more interactive.

5. Use data analytics to increase your eLearning training program

The use of data analytics can be very favorable. You can track your employees’ learning patterns and identify which of the employees require improvement. With this information, you can easily customize the eLearning program and focus mainly on the area they need help with. 

For example, if you have noticed that the customer service department of your organization is not generating enough revenue, you can design an LMS that helps you identify the gap in the knowledge in your customer care executives. and then bridge technical knowledge through training programs.

Because LMS can track the learning behavior of your employee, you clearly identified where the corrections need to be made. Now you can easily create an eLearning program customized for the customer service department.


Custom eLearning can assist your association by making open and customized training programs for your employees. Using employees’ information to make customized learning ways for various jobs depending on their behavior can exponentially increase the outcome for your employees and your organization.

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