Dead Cell Developers Announce the End of Updates

Dead Cell Developers Announce the End of Updates 

The successful roguelike game Dead Cells’ production companies have announced that they will no longer be issuing post-launch updates for the game. Dead Cells has benefited from multiple upgrades and add-ons since its original release in 2018, ensuring that players will still be enjoying it long after they have finished exploring the material of the base game.

After spending some time in Steam’s Early Access program, Dead Cells was first released on PC in 2018. Developer Motion Twin improved the action platformer gameplay of the game. After being fully released on the PC, Dead Cells quickly became one of the greatest action roguelike games, and it was later released on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and mobile platforms. Both the original Motion Twin crew and its spin-off studio, Evil Empire, have contributed to the game’s several paid and free expansions since 2018.

With the release of Update 35, Motion Twin has formally announced that post-launch updates for Dead Cells on PC and platforms will come to an end. This decision also applies to the mobile versions, even though Update 34 won’t be available for them until 2024. Motion Twin assured fans that there are more ways to enjoy Dead Cells outside of the game and thanked the millions of gamers for their excitement and support. 

The announcement featured a number of ongoing projects, such as the creation of an animated series based on Dead Cells, an adaptation of a board game, and prospective future crossovers between the player character, the Beheaded, and other media. While concurrently developing its product, Motion Twin is continuously looking for ways to handle problems like bug fixes across all platforms. Motion Twin is working on Windblown, its current project, in addition to actively looking at ways to solve problems like bug fixes for all platforms.

Evil Empire, who has been co-developing Dead Cells since 2019, has confirmed Motion Twin’s statement that post-launch upgrades will end. Evil Empire thanked Motion Twin for entrusting them with the game and the Dead Cells community for their support and input in a statement posted on their official Twitter account. 

The path taken by Dead Cells and its ongoing success are unique. While it’s not unusual for an independent game created by a small team to be successful, Motion Twin stands out for its creative decision to launch an entirely new studio in order to continue developing Dead Cells while also taking on other projects. 

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