Easter Egg Teases Return of a Character in Suicide Squad - Kill the Justice League

Easter Egg Teases Return of a Character in Suicide Squad – Kill the Justice League

With a smooth transition, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League carries on the Arkhamverse plot started in the Rocksteady Batman games. The story follows a group of anti-heroes, but it also features Arkham Batman, who is controlled by the player across many games. Keen players exploring the open environment may find more details in addition to the main narrative and collectibles adding to the backstory. Suicide Squad fans have found references to DC villains like as Deathstroke, Black Manta, and Peacemaker within the Easter eggs. But one specific Easter Egg in Metropolis is especially significant because it might hint at the return of Batman or the much-ignored Calendar Man.

Recently, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s less well-known Easter egg was unveiled by YouTuber Batman Arkham Videos. The YouTuber claims that certain days in the game Metropolis have three short words spelled out on calendars that are dotted around the city. All of the jigsaw pieces come from calendars with the following specific days highlighted: January 8, February 5, March 23, April 9, May 12, June 12, July 18, August 5, September 20, October 21, November 18, and December 14. Interestingly, Centennial Park’s December calendar features a Batman emblem rather than a red circle, which may indicate that the secret message refers to the Dark Knight’s anticipated return.

In a monthly order, the translated letters from the calendar dates form the phrase “he will return.” Considering how tiny this little detail was, most DC fans probably missed it. Nonetheless, leaks and the YouTuber’s thorough research raise the chance that Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad will bring back some of its cast members in future seasons. The YouTuber speculated that Calendar Man would be the subject of the hinted comeback, despite the fact that the Batman sign on the final day suggests his return from the dead. Introduced in Detective Comics from the 1950s and appearing in the Arkham games, this underappreciated villain fits well with the Easter egg’s calendar-related concept.

This mysterious character might make an appearance in the storylines of the following four seasons of Rocksteady’s live streaming game, which is set to receive more material in the coming year. It remains to be seen if Batman is brought back to life following his meeting with Task Force X, or if the version thought to be a clone or an Earth-2 variant is revealed.

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