PlayStation is Stepping into The TV and Film Industry Through Horizon Zero Dawn- A Netflix Series

PlayStation is Stepping into The TV and Film Industry Through Horizon Zero Dawn- A Netflix Series

At an event for investors, Sony recently announced that it will be making a show on Netflix, which will be based on Horizon Zero Dawn. The company is also working to create a movie based on the Gran Turismo series with Neill Blomkamp, who will be directing the movie. However, it has not found a distributor for this movie. 

Both of these pieces of media are still in the early stages of development, so it is unlikely that you will be able to watch them soon. However, this information shows how serious Sony is to move into the world of movies and media and expand the PlayStation brand beyond what it is known for today, video games.

According to the CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, PlayStation Production has several projects in the works, and all of them are huge franchises. Some of the projects named include a Twisted Metal Series, A God of War show, an adaptation of The Last of Us for HBO, a Ghost of Tsushima movie, etc. 

Additionally, PlayStation has many famous actors and directors to help make these movies a hit. PlayStation is clearly not shying away and is diving into the world of movies and TV shows. 

This step into media also shows that Sony is willing to work with different streaming companies. They want to ensure that no matter which streaming service you subscribe to, there are various shows and movies starring its video game characters that you can watch. For Sony, the streaming war, which has gotten more and more competitive over the years, is beneficial. 

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