10 Shows to Watch If You Love Yellowstone

10 Shows to Watch If You Love Yellowstone

Yellowstone is an American drama series revolving around the Duttons and the challenges they face on the Ranch which is just beside the Yellowstone National Park. They’re powerful people who’ll do anything to keep it that way. 

The show was renewed for a fifth season in February 2022, whereas filming will begin in May 2022. While you wait for a new season, there are plenty of other western shows you might like. This list feature shows filled with crime, family drama, and generational wealth, with a modern western take that fans of the show have come to love. If you’re a Yellowstone fan, you’ll love these too.

1. 1883


Where to watch: This show is streaming exclusively on Paramount+ 

1883 describes the history of the Duttons as they arrive in Montana, fleeing Texas. It is the origin story that fans could just gobble up. There are 10 episodes. Taylor Sheridan created this series just like Yellowstone, so you know there will be no disappointment. This show is a very brutal tale of western expansion. The story is well-paced out, fleshing out character arcs. 

This series stars Sam Elliot, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw. It takes you on a journey with the characters rising above all odds and moving forward on a wagon. There is an alliance between Shea Brennan (Sam Elliot) and James Dutton (Tim McGraw) to go on the journey together. 

 Tim and Elliot in the show are brutal partners who would go to any lengths to protect the people in the caravan. 

2. Succession


Where to watch: HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu

Succession is a story about a rich patriarch of a conglomerate who is to be succeeded by one of his four children. It follows a similar story to Yellowstone with a group of adult children protecting their empire. They also struggle with one another and yearn for their father’s affection (and he barely gives them any). At first, it seems Logan’s eldest son from his second marriage, Kendall would take over. But it soon becomes apparent that it is not the case. This story about the lavish lifestyle of the top 1% reels you in for a ride. Every episode keeps you hooked with love, betrayal, and infights within the family, and razor-sharp dialogues, making you want more. 

There are three seasons of the show. 

3. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Where to watch: Netflix 

The series follows a chemistry high school teacher who turned bad- to put it simply. Walter White has recently been diagnosed with stage-three lung cancer and now has to turn to a life of crime to make ends meet for his family when he’s gone. He starts selling crystal meth which then turns into the complete drug trade. Along the way, he makes many enemies who are out to get in, like The Mexican drug cartel and the drug enforcement administration.

It is a well-received show which gained massive viewership, it is safe to say that it is a fan favorite. 

This series encapsulates the change of a character from good to bad. The name “Breaking Bad” is used to describe Walter’s transformation throughout the series. This is an interesting take on a protagonist turning bad. The showrunner Vince Gilligan describes it as “ The fundamental drive is towards change”. 

The show has 5 seasons.

4. Longmire


Where to Watch: Peacock and Netflix 

Longmire gallows the story of a Sheriff in Wyoming named Walt Longmire, hence the name of the show. This story is about a loving father, grieving his late wife but striving very hard to turn his life around. He is a tough and strong man no doubt, but he also has a soft side to him. He values integrity, the rule of law, and honesty. This checks the marks for all the typical good guy protagonists, a character the viewers can be empathetic with. He also wishes to become the mayor of the town. 

Just like in Yellowstone there are struggles between the White and Native American folks. He is tasked with investigating the murder of a body he found in the woods. This might seem like a ‘whodunit’ day-to-day crime at first, but it turns even more entangling as the series progresses. He is joined by his friend Henry Standing, helping him unravel the cases and aids him with the dealings of the tribal police.

There are six seasons which makes it the perfect series to binge.

5. Justified


Where to watch: Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV

Justified is a crime drama, starring Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens, a US marshall executing his form of justice. His unconventional ways make him a target to his superior and criminals alike. You can’t help but hate him, then love him all over again. Raylan Givens is a man, made of steel, never afraid of throwing a punch or two, shooting the bad guys, but has a soft side for the innocent. 

It needs to be said, he looks pretty awesome walking away from a shootout. This series offers great monologues for every character in the show. You’ll find yourselves rooting for the bad guy sometimes because every character is flawed and a bit of a hypocrite. The humor is sometimes dark but delivered with spot-on comedic timing. This series consists of six seasons. 

6. Deadwood


Where to watch: Amazon, Google Play, HBO Max

Deadwood’s creator is David Milch. The show is set in Deadwood, South Dakota. The story dabbles into some truth and certain fictional points. It features stories of real people. It is about a town that is lawless and attracts everyone to come and make fortune. This show resonates with the Yellowstone audience with its outlaw theme. 

There are three seasons. 

7. Greenleaf


Where to watch: Netflix, Google Play, Prime Video

Greenleaf follows the story of Bishop James Greenleaf, lady Mae Greenleaf and their daughter who has just returned. This story like Yellowstone is one about protecting one’s family against all odds. Whereas deep down, there and secrets, betrayal, arguments, cheating, and greed that the family hides. 

The family manages a business under the name of the megachurch. As in Yellowstone, the family in Greenleaf has the same family feud, secret lovers, divorce, split-ups, and re-marriages The name Greenleaf is to signify money, and what importance it plays in every character’s life. Moreover, the Writer of the show revealed that every character has some issues they need to deal with. They are as frail as a green leaf falling from a tree. Pretty insightful, right?

This series has five seasons.

8. Ozark


Where to watch: Netflix

Financial advisor Marty Byrde (played by Jason Bateman) moves to Ozark Missouri for a secret money-laundering operation for the Mexican drug cartel. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems because then he comes at odds with the local criminal families. His partner tries tricking their boss and is killed for the trouble he caused. Jason Bateman gives a compelling portrayal of a man under immense pressure. The stakes are high. He gets entangled with this life of crime to protect his family. 

Unfortunately, his family gets mixed up with this business too. The series depicts money laundering in a very plausible way because the director made sure to take the suggestions of an FBI agent and a hedge fund manager.  This series has four seasons.

9. The son

The Son

Where to watch: Hulu, Prime Video, Apple TV

This is based on the novel by Philip Mayer. It is set in South Dakota. The stories take place in two timelines: 1849 and 1915. Both the timelines intertwine seamlessly. With all his family killed, Eli McCoullough in the past is taken away by the Comanches while in the present he is the cattle baron facing troubles with his son. 

This show does a great job at depicting real moments of a Father-son relationship. While outside forces try their best to bring him down, he stands firm on his own. Pierce Brosnan encapsulates his character so well, that he makes his presence known. The cinematography, the scenery, the thrill all these ingredients make this show a perfect western watch.

This series has two seasons.

10. Godless


Where to Watch: Netflix

This story follows a lowly outlaw, Roy, who tries to run away from his previous blood-stained life. He reaches a small town and soon finds out that quite interestingly, only women run this town. The small town is La Belle in New Mexico, recovering from a mining disaster which is that killed all the men in the town. But chaos ensues when trouble comes looking for him. His previous mentor and Father-figure Frank come looking for revenge. This show has all the western cliches that fans love, from armed robberies, and shootouts to a one-on-one stand-off. 

Scott Frank, the writer, and creator of Godless say, that the name of the show depicts that God is not present for these people. In an interview, he says, “There’s no point in counting on God… He’s not here

Watch this series if you’re into wild outlaw chases.

Ain’t nothing scarier than a man with a gun. And ain’t nothing more helpless than a man without one.” 

– Frank Griffin

This series has one season with only 7 episodes.


Yellowstone is a show that fans have come to love. Each episode unfolds a storyline that is both captivating and riveting. Kevin Costner did an incredible job with the casting. You can’t help but root for these people. Yellowstone is the show which features a bit of history of the place along with fiction, and it does it quite right. These were the top ten shows you should consider watching if you are a fan of Yellowstone. So consider adding them to your watchlist and go binge-watch the shows now.

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