Nintendo Switch Online Adds Interesting JRPG Titles

Nintendo Switch Online Adds Interesting JRPG Titles

With the release of the first two Golden Sun titles in 2024, the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service established a notable trend for 2024 by carrying on its tradition of providing frequent upgrades and additions to its libraries of classic games. On Wednesday of next week, Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age will both be added to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack tier, which will enhance the library of vintage Game Boy Advance titles already available on the system. 

Acknowledgable as remarkably underrated JRPGs, a number of enthusiasts have long expressed their want for Nintendo to release these games on contemporary systems. Not only is their addition to the Nintendo Switch Online service a positive development, but it also raises hopes for future expansions that might bring this beloved franchise back to life.

The Golden Sun series, which was created by the gifted Camelot team, was Nintendo’s main JRPG title. It was a huge hit in Japan but had trouble breaking through to a wider audience in the West. After the release of the most current game, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn on the DS, in 2010, fans were left hoping for a follow-up, but none ever came to pass. It’s interesting to note that the series was mentioned in passing at The Game Awards, and Nintendo may have taken a calculated risk by putting the first two Golden Sun games on the Nintendo Switch Online service in order to gauge interest in and demand for a potential revival.

The JRPG genre’s achievements in 2024 will be further enhanced by the unexpected addition of the first two Golden Sun games to the Nintendo Switch Online portfolio. This development correlates with the release of many prominent games within the first few months of the year. It’s clear from these releases that 2024 will be filled with a tonne of thrilling experiences for JRPG enthusiasts. 

Just over a month after Abubakar Salim praised the series at The Game Awards, the first two Golden Sun titles have made their way onto Nintendo Switch Online, giving Nintendo a timely opportunity to see whether or not a franchise rebirth is appealing to players. Nintendo can take advantage of the growing momentum in the gaming community’s continuous discussion about JRPGs in 2024 now that the games are being played by a wider audience.

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