The Best JRPG Is at Its All-Time Lowest Price

The Best JRPG Is at Its All-Time Lowest Price

Persona 5 Royal currently retails for $6 less expensive on the Nintendo eShop than it is on Steam or the Microsoft Store, where it is priced at a historic low of $35.99. This huge price is one of the amazing early-bird Black Friday 2023 video game deals that are starting to surface online.

Persona 5 Royal’s popularity is mainly due to its wide appeal, even though avid supporters of the series frequently disagree on which entry is the best. One of the best modern JRPGs and a unique title in its genre, the game has an overall Metacritic rating that varies from 91 to 95 (out of 100) depending on the platform.

Persona 5 Royal is currently available for a short 40% discount on PC and the last two generations of Xbox consoles as part of Sega’s early Black Friday 2023 promotions. This brings the game’s original price down from $59.99 to $35.99. This promotional pricing for the game on these platforms is the same as its lowest-ever price. Furthermore, with an amazing 50% off, the Nintendo Switch version has dropped to a new all-time low. Notably, the discounts on the Microsoft Store and Steam are scheduled to expire by late November, while the special promotion for Persona 5 Royal in the Nintendo eShop lasts until December 4.

Persona 5 Royal’s digital versions for PlayStation platforms are still not part of the current multi-platform deal. The game is still available at full price on the PS Store for both the PS4 and PS5 versions. Persona 5 Royal was a PlayStation 4 exclusive for 2.5 years, yet its lowest pricing was never less than $35.99 on Sony systems. On Amazon, the PS5 game’s physical Standard Edition is currently 43% less expensive.

In conclusion, almost everyone now has a fantastic chance to play one of the greatest JRPGs ever created on the platform of their choice at its lowest-ever cost. Notably, Xbox and PC players should be aware of these newly released promotions, particularly since Persona 5 Royal was removed from Xbox Game Pass in October. Consequently, there’s very little chance that a less expensive way to play the game will surface anytime soon.

It’s a great moment to start exploring the Persona franchise, whether you decide to take advantage of the current promotions or not. For fans of Persona, 2024 will be a momentous year, as revealed by Sega. 

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