Leaked Motorola Razr Video - Leaving Little To Wonder

Leaked Motorola Razr Video – Leaving Little To Wonder

As the launch of the Razr phone from Motorola edges near, more details about the phone are being released. Set to release on June 1, the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra phone is expected to release alongside multiple phones, but it is the most anticipated one. To hype up the phone further, a new promotional video has just been leaked, showing off the phone. The leaked video appears to be an official marketing video of the Razr Ulta, leaked by Evan Blass, which shows off the alleged Ultra device. 

The video takes a deep dive into the phone’s functionality, dubbed Razr 40 in Europe and other markets, while called Razr Plus in the United States. The video’s primary focus is the new prominent cover screen that goes beyond the small screens seen in most foldable phones. The video informs potential customers of how the cover screen can be used, and the portability factor also comes into consideration. 

Furthermore, the video highlights multiple cases where the external display can be used. For example, it can be used to check messages, use Google Maps, view album art, use Google Maps, control media, and even check your digital wallet. Users can even use the same screen as a viewfinder to click selfies and keep an eye on the frame when making videos. 

The other aspect brought into focus in the video was the hinge. The video implies that the hinge is now seamless and sturdy. The inner screen has no noticeable crease, and it appears much taller than the previous Razr model. However, this can only be confirmed once the phone is released and the two phones can be put side by side. The teaser also goes into detail about the Razr 40 Ultra’s inner foldable, which will be smooth and vivid. This indicated a higher refresh rate and a significantly vibrant and brighter display. 

The clamshell Razr 40 Ultra is also said to come with immersive sound implying high-performance stereo speakers. Overall, the Motorola video leak suggests that the phone is set to be released on June 1, which is the anticipated date. Additionally, it confirms that it may be a 6.9-inch Full HD+ display with a 165Hz refresh rate and a cover screen that measures 3.6 inches with a 1066 x 1056 resolution. 

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