Motorola Razr Leaks

Motorola Razr Leaks – How To Use the Massive Cover Display

More images and videos of the upcoming Razr phone have been leaked, showing off the large external display Motorola has decided to use. These images and videos were posted on Twitter by leaker Evan Blass who showed users taking selfies with the phone’s primary cameras while the device was partly open. Some videos also show one Razr Plus being opened and the user interacting with the cover screen. Another video shows a person using navigation and playing a game on it. The second video is much more clear and demonstrates how the large 3.5-inch external display can be used. 

In the second video, the phone’s external display is being used in multiple ways. At one point, a video can be seen playing on it, and there are also playback controls on the screen showing that users can even play games on it. The video also demonstrates the external display allowing users to interact with a notification, allowing full access to the keyboard. There are also glimpses of app shortcuts on the cover display. These apps include Youtube, PlayStore, Google Maps, and others. 

Right next to the camera, there are also a series of notification icons for the battery life, time, and other apps. Therefore, while playing a game, users will be able to see the current level the phone is on. In addition to these images and videos, Evan provided more information regarding the foldable phone’s name. Earlier leaks hinted at the phone being called the Motorola Razr Plus before later releases revealed the name Razr 40 Ultra. According to Blass, the company will be using both names. Razr 40 will be used globally, while Razr Plus will be used exclusively in the US market. 

This news confirms that Razr is set to launch in the US. It is still unclear whether there will be any differences between the two models besides their names. A recent rumor also revealed that Razr may be looking to price this phone at around $1000. This means it will directly compete with the Galaxy Z Flip in the United States.  

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