How To See Who Blocked You On Instagram?

How To See Who Blocked You On Instagram?

Blocking someone on Instagram is the harshest way of ending all ties with that user. Have you fallen victim to getting blocked? How to see who blocked you on Instagram?

When someone blocks your account on Instagram, you will not receive a notification. Following are the steps you need to take in order to determine whether or not someone has blocked you on Instagram if you have a nagging hunch about a connection on Instagram you haven’t heard from in a while.

If you look around, you might come across some third-party apps that claim they will alert you whenever someone blocks you, but the reality is that these products nearly never work.

So, what works? What you need is some classic detective work. 

The signs listed below can assist you in answering the question of how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram. But first, there are two indicators that usually work to see Instagram blocked accounts. They are:

  • You have been removed from this Instagram user’s list of following and followers.
  • When you search for this user on Instagram, you will not be able to locate them; however, you will be able to see them when you search from another account. If someone blocks you, this is the simplest way for you to figure it out.

On the other hand, the fact that the profile does not show up in search results does not necessarily indicate that you have been blocked. If you are unable to locate a particular individual, it is possible that they have deactivated or deleted their account.

Be aware that any comments or likes you left on the user’s posts will be removed after you have been blocked from accessing that account. In case a person decides to unblock you, your likes, comments, and presence as a follower will not be restored. When you are blocked, your direct messages will not be delivered to them either. You will also not be able to tag them on Instagram posts or stories.

Understanding the Signs That Someone Has Blocked Your Account on Instagram

Understanding the Signs That Someone Has Blocked Your Account on Instagram

In order to confirm your suspicions and see who blocked you on Instagram, you could try the following steps:

Search for their username on Instagram 

Can you see who blocked you on Instagram? Simply enter their Instagram username into the Instagram Search option and search; this is the first, quickest, and simplest way to figure out if you are blocked or not.

The person does not block you if their account appears, and you are able to view all of their postings. If you see the notice “This account is private” rather than their postings, it is possible that they have deleted you as a follower but have not blocked you.

You may have been blocked by the owner of the account if their account does not display in the results of your search. On the other hand, this might also indicate any one of the following:

  • All of their accounts have been deactivated.
  • Their account has been deleted by them.
  • They are now using a different username.

Despite the fact that deactivated or deleted accounts typically disappear by themselves, you can check to see if a person has changed their username. Find a photo that has been tagged with their name or a comment that they have already left, and then click on their profile. If they have changed their username, you should be able to view it.

Direct message them.

How do you know if someone blocked you on Instagram via DM? If you have previously engaged in a conversation with this user in direct message, you might want to try sending them a message. If you are blocked, this message will get sent, but it will never be delivered to or read by this user.

Access the user’s account by using Instagram Direct.

When you access their profile from Instagram Direct, you will see a blank screen that does not contain any content or activity when you are blocked.

How to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram? In case you are blocked on Instagram, you will not be able to view their posts, followers, or followings, nor will you be able to follow them.

The appearance of the Follow/Unfollow button will be replaced with the message “User not found.” When an Instagram account is private, you can locate it on Instagram and follow it, but you won’t see what is posted on that account. This is not to be confused with private Instagram accounts.

Access the user’s account via the Instagram website

Do you want to know how to see if someone blocked you on Instagram website? You can do this by appending their username to the Instagram URL and then opening it in a browser where you are not logged in. It is essential to ensure that you are currently not logged in to an Instagram account. If you use Instagram through a web browser, try it out by opening a new incognito tab. The URL should be as follows:” on Instagram

If their profile appears here but does not appear when logged in, you can be confident that they have blocked you from accessing their account. Even though they’re using a private Instagram account, you can still see it with the description “The Account is Private.” This is a foolproof method for determining whether or not the individual in question has an active Instagram account.

You will see a page with the message “Sorry, this page isn’t available” if the individual has either removed or deactivated their account. Using this method, you will be able to determine with absolute certainty if the individual has deleted their user account or has simply blocked you. For this method, you can also borrow a friend’s phone and look for the person’s name on their Instagram account; however, we do not advocate doing so because you can do all the searching without leaving any trace.

Access the Profile Through A Mutual Friend

Wondering who blocked me on Instagram? If you are suspicious that your friend has blocked your account on Instagram and you wish to verify those suspicions, you can request that a mutual friend search for the mutual’s profile. This is an effective method to ensure that they have not just deleted or deactivated their account. This indicates that you have been blocked if your friend is able to view their profile page, as well as their images and videos, among other profile details.

Examine The Display Picture

How to see who has you blocked on Instagram with Instagram DP? Unlike WhatsApp, where the display photo disappears after you have been blocked, you won’t be able to determine whether or not someone has blocked you by looking at their display picture. Even if the individual has blocked you on Instagram, the profile image will still be displayed with the account. Consequently, this is something that you must bear in mind when attempting to determine whether or not the individual has blocked you.

Try A Third Party Website Or App

Alternatively, you can also try to utilize third-party apps or websites that promise to give you the capability to check if someone you know has blocked you on Instagram. These apps and websites are available to you for free.

 In order to use these tools, you will typically be required to provide your Instagram account username and authorize permission for this tool to access your account. Be wary of them, even though they have the potential to offer insights because they might not always be correct or they might violate Instagram’s terms of service.

Understanding Instagram Account Restriction

The restriction of an Instagram account is commonly referred to as shadow banning. With the recent addition of the restriction tool, Instagram can now assist users in silencing abusive accounts. Some users have begun to use the function as a substitute for blocking a specific individual, even though Instagram initially developed it with the intention of minimizing the number of unfavorable interactions that occur on the platform.

Your comments are subjected to a review process whenever you are restricted from posting them. One of the options available to the other person is to either view and approve the comment, ignore it, or delete it. In addition, the recipient will not get any notifications, and all of your direct messages will go into the Message Requests section.

Currently, there are a couple of ways to determine whether or not someone has restricted you. Check the activity status of the individual you are texting from the account of a mutual connection if you cannot view the status of the person you are texting and have not turned off the activity status. It is essential to keep in mind that your friend has not turned off activity status as well. It is a sign that the individual has limited you if you can only view their activity status through a friend’s account and not through your own account.

Consider looking at comments that you have left on their profile as an additional method. However, suppose you can view the comments on your end but cannot view all or some of the comments from your friend’s account. In that case, this is a sign that the individual has restricted your Instagram account and is preferentially approving comments. 

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that a user has the ability to conceal this under private settings (Settings -> Privacy -> Activity Status -> Show Activity Status -> Off), which means that this one does not necessarily indicate that you were restricted. You must use a different Instagram account and check it from there to get a definitive answer.

Ways To Determine Whether A User Has Blocked Your Account On Instagram Messenger 

Ways To Determine Whether A User Has Blocked Your Account On Instagram Messenger 

It is impossible for someone to block you only on Instagram messages. However, you can still directly message them, and they can read and receive your messages even if they mute or restrict you. On the other hand, if someone blocks you on Instagram, any communication threads you and that person have had in the past will be removed for both of you.

As mentioned above, the easiest way to Instagram see who blocked you is to check your direct message inbox. If you are able to view the history of your previous chats, you are not blocked. There is a potential that your account has been blocked if you cannot view your chat history.

To verify further, use the ways that were described earlier in order to help you answer the big question how to see who has blocked you on Instagram.

Ways to Prevent Your Instagram Account from Being Blocked

To prevent yourself from being blocked on Instagram, here are some helpful tips:

Don’t Harass Or Spam Others

A sure way to get banned on Instagram is to engage in spamming or harassing other people on the platform. Be sure to adhere to the community standards that Instagram has established and refrain from sending unwanted comments or messages to other Instagram users.

Be Respectful

Always remember to be respectful and refrain from using any language that could be considered disrespectful or profane while commenting on other people’s posts. Comments that are hostile or belligerent have the potential to cause users to block you.

Never Buy Engagement or Followers

When you buy followers, likes, or other engagements on Instagram, you are breaking Instagram’s terms of service, which can end up in your account being suspended or blocked. In its place, you should concentrate on producing high-quality content and naturally communicating with your audience.

Don’t Post Inappropriate Content

It is possible for users to report your Instagram account or block you if you post information that can be considered obscene or inappropriate. You should make sure to study the content rules that Instagram has established, and you should avoid publishing content that could be perceived as offensive or improper.

Avoid Overusing Hashtags

When you use excessive hashtags in your posts, it can give the impression that they are spam, which can result in other people blocking you. Make sure that the hashtags you use in your posts are pertinent and suitable, and try to avoid using way too many hashtags in one post.

What to Do When You Have Been Blocked

What to Do When You Have Been Blocked

It can be very disheartening to be blocked on Instagram; however, there are a few signs that you should keep an eye out for to determine whether or not you have been blocked. The best course of action is to respect the individual’s choice and move on if you have been blocked. It is possible to avoid being blocked on Instagram and to establish a positive presence on the social platform if you adhere to the community norms that Instagram has established and show respect to other users.

If you have been blocked on Instagram, here is what you should do:

1. Acknowledge the circumstance: Recognize that the other person is blocking you from establishing boundaries or protecting their privacy. For the sake of your own mental peace, you must acknowledge this and move on.

2. Try not to retaliate: You should resist the impulse to react negatively. It is normal to feel angry or upset when you are blocked, but punishing you with unpleasant behavior will only make the issue worse and adversely affect your reputation. Remain calm and avoid interacting with the person in any way that could be considered hostile.

3. Avoid creating new accounts: It is not a recommended strategy to create new accounts in order to examine their profile or get in touch with them. This may result in additional repercussions, such as the suspension of all of your accounts, as it is in violation of the terms of service that Instagram has in place.

4. Concentrate on positive interactions: Rather than ruminating on the block, you should establish positive relationships and engage with other Instagram users who appreciate and cherish your presence on the platform. Your ability to move forward will be aided by surrounding yourself with positive people.

5. Use the opportunity to pause and reflect on your actions: Make use of this opportunity to think about any previous interactions that may have played a role in the block. Give some thought to ways in which you might enhance your behavior and communication with other people in the future when you are online.

6. If necessary, seek support: If you feel that being blocked on Instagram is having a substantial influence on your emotional well-being, you should discuss the possibility of asking for help from family, close friends, or a mental health professional. They have the ability to offer direction and assist you in processing your emotions.

On Instagram, it is vital to keep in mind that being blocked is a standard component of the online experience and that not everyone will connect with you or have significant interactions. Maintaining a positive presence online and interacting with those who value and support you should be your primary focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the easiest way to find out whether or not your account has been blocked on Instagram?

In order to determine whether or not the individual has blocked your account on Instagram, you can search for their username. If you cannot find them on Instagram and you are sure that they have not deactivated or deleted their account, it is highly likely that you have been blocked. 

2. What does it look like when you are blocked on Instagram?

If a user decides to block you on Instagram, you will not be able to read their Instagram stories and the posts they have published on the platform. You will not be able to message them or view the message history. You will also be unable to engage in video chats with that individual.

3. What does it mean that there are no posts on Instagram?

When the other person’s Instagram account is private, Instagram will frequently display a blank screen.

4. On Instagram, is it possible to request to follow someone even if they have blocked you?

Unfortunately, you are unable to request to follow someone on Instagram who has blocked you.

5. When I unblock someone, would they receive all of the texts I sent when they were blocked?

This is not the case; all of the communications that you sent while you were blocked will be deleted permanently, and the recipient will not get them.

6. After blocking someone, is it possible for me to view their profile?

You won’t be able to find it through search. However, you can get to it through direct messages or old comments. You won’t be able to view their posts or stories even if you do that.


When you find out that a person has blocked you on Instagram, it can be a disheartening experience; nonetheless, it is vital to deal with the situation with humility and respect for the boundaries that the other person has set for themselves. Blocking someone on Instagram prevents you from viewing their posts, reels, stories, and messages. This is accomplished by restricting your access to the profile and content of the person in question.

There are approaches that you may take in order to determine whether or not someone has blocked you on Instagram, despite the fact that there is no immediate indication that you are blocked on the platform. You may try looking for their profile, checking for their username in your chats, or using third-party websites or apps (with caution) to gain insights. All of these options are available to you.

When another user on Instagram blocks you, you are unable to connect with their content in any way, including liking or commenting on their respective posts. On the other hand, there is still the possibility that their content will be available to others through shared postings or common ties within the community.

If you discover that you have been blocked, it is essential to acknowledge the circumstance and resist the urge to generate new accounts or take revenge on the person who blocked you. Maintaining pleasant relationships with other users on the site and analyzing your behavior while using the internet should be your primary priority going forward.

Keep in mind that being blocked is a normal part of the experience of using the internet and that not everyone is going to experience a positive connection. Making your health a top priority and maintaining relationships with those who value and support you should always be your priority. If you need help processing your feelings, you should not hesitate to seek support from family, close friends, or experts.

When all is said and done, a happier and more satisfying experience on Instagram may be achieved by practicing appropriate online behavior and respecting the boundaries that others have set for themselves.

Have you found out that someone has blocked you from Instagram? How did you come to this conclusion? Please share your thoughts with Reviewsed in the comments box below.

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